Building Credit and Stopping Creditors (PDF) by TemitopeAdedotun


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									Building Credit and Stopping Creditors
Building your credit is a sure-fired solution for stopping creditors and collection agencies
from nagging you every day. If you are attempting to reestablish your status in life, you
must realize there is a bumpy road ahead. Creditors are people you owe and if you do not
pay, the creditors will go lengths to get their money. Regardless of the laws and
regulations stipulated on credit bureaus, creditors, collection agencies, and other sources
that collect debt, many will break all the laws, simply because they want their money.

Money has been the root of all humankind evil and when it comes to money, everybody
wants some. The best solution to stopping creditors and collection agencies ahead of the
game is to pay those bills on time. If you have utilities, insurance policies, car payments,
mortgages, credit cards, and other debts you might want to layout a budget plan that you
can meet each month. Combining all your payments will help you see where dangers
lurk. If you see, any potential risks ahead make sure to find a solution ahead of the game
to avoid creditors and collection agency hassles.

No one likes it when people nag us, but when we owe money, you can bet your last dollar
nagging is in the making. Do not bite off more than you can chew. If you see that, you are
in debt deeper than you thought do not go out to the department stores and shop until you
drop. This will only make matters worse and you are risking your home, car, and other
assets in the process. If you see that you are in over your head or potential risks could
develop, you might want to get ahead by selling a few valuable items. When you are paid
for, the items make sure you apply the funds to your bills, or else open a savings account
that will benefit you and your money.

Savings that offer no start up fees or interest against your money is the best solution for
saving cash. If you get money back or interest on your money in the bank, how much
better, you are making money. Money is what makes the world go around, so if you can
make money you will have a solution for building your credit. The last thing you want is
escalating to a debt you can get out of and having creditors call you daily. After creditors
calls, then you will get calls from collection agencies. After the two are done torturing
you mentally, you will have to deal with lawyers, judges, and other potential threatening
personnel. I point this out because many people do not realize the severity of ignoring
their bills.

If you have a good credit standing currently, it is wise to get copies of your credit reports
from the three B’s. Keeping your file on hand and current can help you to monitor your
credit scores. If you notice any activity on your report that is against you and you did not
agree to the debt, it is important to contact the credit bureaus immediately. Your credit is
in all aspects of the word your life. If you have bad credit you can be turned down from a
job, denied a rental, or turned down when you apply for any line of credit. If you have
bad credit you might as well blackball today.

There is hope however if you have bad credit. Government agencies and private institutes
are teaming up to help those of us with bad credit. The impossible has happen, because
now even if your credit is bad you can get a loan, a home, car, or even a credit card. Pre-
paid cards are available to those with bad credit. Pre-paid cards are the same in contrast
as major credit cards, only you apply money to the account, paying a low fee and then
you can use the card. The world is starting to recognize the struggles that happen every
day for many families and individuals, the best solution however for stopping creditors is
to build your credit by paying those bills. Never give up hope!

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