The Best Way to Sell Your Car

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					Everyone likes to change their car now and again, some more frequently
than others. The problem is what's the best way of selling your car?

Your decision will ultimately be based upon several things. These include
how quickly you need to sell it or how much money do you want for it.
Depending on what's higher on your list tends to determine the method you

You probably asked the car salesman when you bought the car you intend to
sell whether it's a car that retains a good resale value. The answer was
bound to be it does, after all he's hardly going to tell you it
depreciates fast and won't be worth much when you want to sell. However,
you know that if you turn up at the dealership the price the salesman
will offer will be less than you expect, and he's going to always have a
good reason why.

Selling your privately will usually get you the best price, but it may
not be the quickest method. Firstly you have to place an advertisement
which could take a few days to sort out. Then you have to wait for the
calls to arrive. It also means you need to be around a lot, so you can
show prospective buyers your car. Then you get the people who can't make
their mind or tell you they will let you know and they never do.

However, if you do have the time and need the best price then selling
privately works. One point to always remember, make quite certain you
either get payment in cash, or if they pay by check, make certain you
don't let them have the car until you are absolutely certain you have
cleared funds in your account. Many a person has trusted someone who gave
them a check, only to find it's not honored. Getting money from them
after that could be intensely difficult.

The benefit of selling your car to a dealer as part-exchange on a new one
is the speed it can be done. Once you have decided on your new car and
it's ready for delivery then you just leave your car at the dealer. The
agreed price is deducted from the new car and you are ready to go.

If you decide to go down the dealership route, don't accept their first
offer. Remember, they want you to buy a new car from them. They will
always offer you a starting price, knowing that they can offer more. Do a
little research into used car values before you go to the dealership,
then you already have some idea as to the correct value. Dealers can be
fairly flexible; they get commission for selling cars so sometimes it's
in their interest to forego some of the commission they get by offering
you a better price.

Remember you are the customer and you have a choice. If you don't like
the price, then try somewhere else.

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