scarlet ibis background powerpoint by j6GPYc


									                                  The Scarlet Ibis
                                Background PowerPoint
Your assignment is to create a PowerPoint presentation. You will look up the following
information, which will help you to understand and appreciate the story even more. You will
create a 16 slide presentation.

You MUST write the info in your own words. NO COPY AND PASTE. For EACH slide, you
must include the website address where you found the info at the bottom of the slide. You can
put all references at the end on a separate slide if you wish.

Slides 1 and 2: James Hurst

       Slide one – Picture of the author – James Hurst – and one paragraph info about his life.

       Slide two – Picture of the author, and one paragraph about his work

Slide 3 - Scarlet Ibis: A picture of the bird, as well as 3 sentences of information.

Slides 4, 5 and 6- Birds: Look up any three of the following birds. Include a picture of each, and
2 sentences of information. Choices: egret, screech owl, rail, marsh crow, and oriole.

Slides 7, 8, and 9 – Flowers: Look up the following flowers. Create a slide for each that includes
a picture and 2 sentences of information. Flowers: magnolia, purple phlox, and ironweed.

Slide 10 – caul: What is a caul? Write 3 sentences about babies born with a caul, and what type
of luck it is supposed to bring. Include a picture that symbolizes the type of luck caul babies

Slide 11 – 1918: This story is set in 1918. List at least 4 events of 1918, and include a picture of
an event of that year. (Include WW1)

Slides 12 through 16 – Vocabulary: For each word, include the definition, the part of speech, a
sentence that uses it properly, and a picture that helps explain the definition. Words: imminent,
iridescent, blighted, infallibility and serene. I have a sheet with definitions. When you get this
far, ask for the definition sheet.

Slide 17 – Red: What does red symbolize to you? Create a slide that shows what red represents
in your mind (danger, love, etc) as well as a picture that represents “red” to you.

When you are finished, you may email me the slides, or put it in my electric drop box. No paper
copies accepted.

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