Georgia o�KEeffe by 1fv6p5p


									GeorGia o’Keeffe
My name is
Georgia O’Keeffe.
When I was 12
years old I knew I
wanted to be an
artist. I went to art
schools and even
was an art teacher
for a while. The
one thing I love to
do is PAINT!
   Georgia O’Keeffe was born on her family’s
    large Wisconsin farm in 1887.
   She would grow up to become one of
    America’s most famous painters.
Georgia loved to paint flowers, mountains, seashells,
  and even animal bones she found in the desert.
Georgia usually made her flowers very large. It is
the flower paintings that she is most famous for.
More Flower Paintings
More Flower Paintings
Shell Paintings
Georgia went out west to visit
  friends in New Mexico.
                    She thought the desert was
                     an exciting place to paint.
                    Here she began painting the
                     animal bones, desert
                     flowers, and sun-baked
                     adobe churches she saw.
Animal Skulls
More paintings of animal bones.
Georgia also loved to paint leaves.
More Leaf Paintings
More Leaf Paintings
               Georgia O’Keeffe

   Georgia O’Keeffe
    decided to become an
    artist at a time when it
    was proper only for
    women to teach art.
   Georgia O’Keeffe lived
    to be 98 years old.

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