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SSBB Nicknames Poem


									Here’s a little song
That is so wrong
You’ll probably go crazy.

It doesn’t really rhyme
(I didn’t have much time)
I’m supposed to be asleep anyway.

The peeps from Melee
Decided to call
They wanted to see how things were going.

So Master Hand called everybody
And put the phone on speaker
And Pichu began to speak.

“Pichu! Pichu, Pichu!”
Everybody had a WTF he just say face on
‘Til Roy came to the phone.

“What Pichu said
Is that we have an idea.
We decided we should give everybody nicknames!”

Everybody was like OMG
And Marth looked disgusted
Ike was eating chicken to even care.

Mr. Game & Watch made beeps
And Pikachu ‘Pika!”
And Zero Suit Samus just stood there.

Roy stated that everybody we get a nickname.
It may be funny, it may be cool.
Heck, it may make you seem like a fool.
But before I go on,
I have to admit.
I really didn’t put much effort into this.
I truly didn’t.

Now let’s start
With the laughter and groans.

Pikachu was called Yellow Mouse
For obvious reasons.
Mr. Game & Watch was called Beep.
Can you guess why?

Zero Suit Samus was called…well, I can’t say.
People will think it’s sexist.
But I’m a girl, so it doesn’t count, right?
Aw, screw it.
When Samus was in her Power Suit,
She was called “Ultimate Killing Machine” by Dr.
Yeah, don’t ask why.

Zelda was called Princess of Hyrule.
She thought it was bland,
While Peach was called Princess of Awesome,
Zelda was pissed off.

Olimar was called Captain, and his Pikmin, well
Is it normal for Ike to LOL at that nickname?

Lucario was called Mewtwo’s Replacement.
Lucario tried to kill everybody.
I was like WTF?
You don’t kill everybody because you don’t like your
Zelda didn’t.

Anyway, Captain Falcon was called Falcon God,
And Ganondorf was called God of Evil.

Ness was called Okay,
For his funny-sounding taunt.
Lucas was called, well you think of it, I never played
Mother 3.
Or was it EarthBound?
No, that’s Ness.

Sheik was called Zelda in Disguise.
I guess it’s okay.
I mean, like, c’mon, Sheik is a girl disguised as a boy.
Pikachu…wait, we already did Pikachu.
But that was what the Melee people called him.
This is what I call him: The Cutest, Most Adorable
Pokémon in the World.
I want a Pikachu…

Kirby was called Puffball
And Jigglypuff was called Kirby’s Girl.
I wonder if someone made a fanfic like that.
No, it’s impossible.
Kirby and Jigglypuff can’t be together…
Can they?

R.O.B. was called Robot,
Since that is his name in Japan
Same for Bowser, who was called Koopa.
Pokémon Trainer was called Red
Though he looks like Ash.
God, I don’t know nothing.
Charizard, Squirtle, and Ivysaur were also called by
their Japanese names
With Charizard being Lizardon,
Squirtle being Zenigame,
And Ivysaur being Fushigisou.
I can’t pronounce Ivysaur’s,
And I took this information from the Pokémon Wiki.
Hehe, I give credit.

Mario was called by what some people call him, Mr.
Video Game,
While Luigi was known as the ‘Shadow of His
(Weegee in my eyes).
Who else, who else…
Oh yeah, Meta Knight.
They call him the God of Smash.
I forget why (he was/is a S Tier, right? Wait, why am
I caring about tiers!? Dumb tiers…)

Donkey Kong is called Big Ape,
While Diddy Kong is P. Diddy Kong (Lame pun just

Link is called Hero of Time, duh.
And Toon Link is Cartoon Hero of Time (What the…?)

Yoshi is Green Dinosaur
Like how my 3 year old cousin thought Piccolo of
DBZ was a dinosaur.
Wario is Fat Garlic Man.
He really liked that name.

Pit is called Holy Dude Who Drank Red Bull.
(That little gem was coined up by Young Link).

Ice Climbers are the Icy Twins.
Or are they lovers?
I remember reading something that said Sakurai
wanted them to be lovers, but decided to let people
used their imagination.
I think they are best friends.

King Dedede is called Penguin by Roy, since he looks
like a freaking penguin.

Fox was called Krystal’s Man (Hehe…)
Falco is Hands off My Bread (a parody of his taunt
Hands off My Prey. At first, I thought he said Hands of
my Bay, then clay. But how do people mistake it for
And Wolf is Can’t Let You Do That (I NEVER played
any Starfox games, but apparently he says “Can’t Let
You Do That, Starfox.” I find it funny).

Snake is called Metal Gear,
And Sonic is the Blue Blur.
Catchy, huh? (Nope.)

And last but not least, Marth and Ike.
Of course, Roy came of with the nicknames.
Ike laughed at Marth’s nickname, which was Princess
Martha. (I can’t stop laughing myself).
And Ike is called KFC (Well-known fact: Ike loves
KFC. The End.)

So, this may have been boring,
But I don’t care.
It was kind of hard to think of nicknames for
But I tried my best,
And if you liked it,
Here’s a cookie (gives you cookie).
Crap, that was my last cookie.
Give it back.
Don’t you eat it!
I hate you (Not really, but you ate my damn cookie.)

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