Verizon Prepaid Wireless Plans by anamaulida


									In this article you could check the facts about the Verizon prepaid
wireless plans and other services from the Verizon mobile operator.With
the famous "Can you hear me now" marketing campaign, Verizon wireless
advertises the most unswerving wireless network in the United States.
This mobile operator claims to be the most lucrative mobile phone service
provider in the USA.Beside many other mobile services, they offer Verizon
prepaid wireless plans. There are three Verizon prepaid wireless plans
that are offered by the Verizon. The basic plan cost 10 cents per minute,
while the entry fee is only 99 cents. Phone calls among the Verizon
phones are without any limit.The INpulse plans have the price of $1.99
per day and you only need to pay for the days when you use the phone. It
also includes unlimited calling during the night - from 9:01 to 5 pm 59.
All other phone calls cost you 5 cents per minute.You could use Verizon
to call the people all around the world. You could check the price for
their international calls in the call center. There is no additional fee
for calling Puerto Rico. However, if you choose the INpulse power plan,
you have unlimited calls at any time without any cost.Day-by-day, over
100 million people all-around the globe rely on Verizon network. But
beside that, Verizon broadband offers a high-speed Internet connection
from $14.99 per month! You can check their new enhanced internet plan and
you can be sure that your service will not slow down if your neighbors
are online.There are also Verizon prepaid wireless plans for data
traffic. You could take one for $15.00 per day, $30.00 per week or $50.00
per month. If you do not need the internet 365 days a year, you can buy a
WiFi hotspot wireless device. The use of Verizon prepaid plan is in this
case the cheapest option. You could buy Verizon MiFi 2200 device for $
299.00 and with the activation fee of $35.00.Thanks to Verizon wireless
prepaid plans, people can distinguish exactly how much they spend each
month. If they lack the minutes or cash on their accounts, they can just
add more online, by phone or at vend location. Post-paid plans charge you
the calling minutes for a fixed price and you get the bill at the end of
each month, which can sometimes result with unexpectedly high bill or
excess fees for services that you have never been used.Verizon prepaid
wireless plans also provide domestic and international text messages.
With the basic plan INpulse, text messages cost 10 cents each. Verizon
mobile phones are accessible in an extensive array of prices and

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