Looking at Verizon Wireless Prepaid Cell Phones by anamaulida


									You can get many different packages and deals with Verizon Wireless
prepaid cell phones. Verizon is the largest telecommunications provider
in the US and its network runs on CDMA technology, the same as Sprint
Nextel. You can get some fantastic cheap deals with Verizon Wireless
prepaid cell phones.The concept of prepaid has been gaining popularity in
recent times due to its many advantages. Firstly, there is no binding
contract between you and the cellphone service provider. You also pay for
your bills up-front, meaning you buy the amount of time you want to spend
on the network ahead of using it, and then use it up as you prefer,
depending on the specifications of the prepaid package.Verizon offers
straight-forward prepaid plans. Its coverage around the US is probably
one of the best at the moment, seeing that it is the largest
telecommunications company in the country.Here are the four types of
prepaid plans offered you (plans may vary according to your area):Prepaid
Basic This is the most basic prepaid package offered to you. You pay a
flat rate for all calls to others on the same network, which is 25 cents
a minute. To any other network or line you pay an additional 10 cents a
minute. Text messages, sent and received, are 20 cents a message.Prepaid
Core You pay 99 cents a day for days that you use the service. With this,
however, you get unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling (those who are on the
same network). You pay 10 cents per minute on weekends (12am Saturday to
11:59pm Sunday) and nights (9:01pm to 5:59am). Every call you make to
someone on a different network, you pay an additional 10 cents per
minute. Text messages are also 10 cents a messagePrepaid Plus Here you
pay $1.99 a day for days you use the service, and with that you get
unlimited calling to those on the same network; unlimited Night and
Weekend Minutes; you pay five cents for every call you make to a
different network and text messages cost five cents as well.Prepaid
Unlimited Talk $3.99 a day gets you unlimited calls to those on the same
network and any domestic lines, as well as unlimited Night and Weekend
Minutes. Text messages only cost one cent a message.Refills expire after
a set amount of time, however. So you buy these refills and use them up
as you decide, taking the above into account. You can buy refills of $15
to $29.99, which expire in 30 days; $75-$99.99 which expire in 180 days;
$30 to $74.99 which expire in 90 days; and $100 which expire in one full
year.So as you can see with prepaid, you won't get any surprise bills at
the end of the month and there are obviously no termination fees. If
you're unhappy with the service you can just swap to another carrier, or
if you can't afford to use the phone for the month you don't have to.You
only pay for the days you use the network, and there are NO credit checks
if you want to go prepaid. Furthermore, you will be given access to many
of Verizon's features to postpaid clients, such as VZ Navigator, its GPS
service, and V Cast Music with Rhapsody, its music streaming
service.Verizon distributes phones from LG, Motorola and Samsung - some
smart phones, some very basic phones - at some great prices at its
website. So these are the sort of Verizon Wireless prepaid cell phones
you should expect to get.

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