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					Regardless of the maternity swimwear you may choose great maternity cover
ups are always a must. A stylish cover up is a great way to transition
from home to the beach or pool. It can even be worn to run some errands
between home and the pool. Stylish maternity cover ups are so versatile
and useful, they are an essential asset for any pregnant woman's pool-
side wardrobe.       Maternity cover ups come in a variety of styles. The
first is a short, dress-like style. This type of cover up looks fresh and
casual. They are usually made of light cotton, but make sure the cotton
has some stretch to grow with your expanding tummy. These cover ups look
great with a dropped waist, pleats, or a smocked top. If you want a
dressier looking cover up choose dressier material, like a stretchy
cotton or chiffon, and choose more classic colors and patterns like a
plain black or some pretty flowers. If you want your cover up to look
more casual, choose a more laid-back material like terry cloth in
brighter colors and patterns like bright pinks, greens, or oranges with
bold patterns like polka dots or stripes.

  Another great maternity cover up option is a long maxi-style dress.
Like a shorter cover-up, maxi-style dresses look ultra modern and
elegant. They are usually made of the same material as shorter-style
dresses. Maxi cover ups can be dressed up enough for a casual lunch or
shopping with friends. Look for halter style maxi cover ups is you want
more support than your swimsuit offers. Paired with cute accessories and
sandals, it can be a versatile piece in a maternity wardrobe. Paired with
your swimsuit and flip-flops it will look breezy, fresh, and laid back.
Maternity swim shorts and swim skirts are a great alternative to
traditional maternity cover ups. These styles work best when you don't
want quite as much coverage as a traditional cover up. Another great
thing about swim shorts and swim skirts is they can go right in the water
with you if you don't feel like uncovering to take a swim. These
alternatives have come a long way from the swim skirts your mother used
to have hooked to her bathing suit. Swim skirts are much more fun and
flirty, resembling the cute skirts worn by professional tennis players.
Board shorts are great if you want to be more active a have a sportier
look in the water. These shorts are great if you have errands to run or a
few stops to make before you get home from swimming.      Whether you are
looking for some protection from the sun, some warmth after a cool swim,
or some coverage to conceal your baby bump, a maternity cover up is a
great option when you are hitting the beach or neighborhood pool. They
provide added coverage as well as added comfort to your maternity swim
wear. With the right cover up, you can look chic, sophisticated, and
discreet while still enjoying the water during your pregnancy.
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