6 Good Reasons Why Business Start-Ups Are Now Using Virtual Geographical Numbers by anamaulida


									The use of virtual numbers, both non-geographical e.g. 0800 numbers and
geographic numbers terminating to a single mobile phone number has long
been a feature of the small feature of the small business and start up
business market, but with the radical reduction in mobile termination
rates in recent times now means that small businesses and business start-
ups can take advantage of 'local presence' or virtual/'ghost' numbers to
be the primary telephone number used in the business e.g. Virtual London
0207/0208 type numbers.More intelligence can be delivered onto the
virtual geographic numbers than on standard PSTN telephone numbers. The
major benefits of this approach:-1. No requirement for full blown
telephone switch facility as calls can be routed to multiple mobile
destinations, simultaneously, negating the need for expensive reception
staff. When coupled via IVR this has the look and feel of a large
company.2. Small Businesses can be seen as having multiple offices,
stealing a march on their competitors, by using numbers that are
classified as outside of their local area3. Online statistics,
retrievable via I-phone application can also be supplemented by missed
call alerts and emails sent straight to the user's email address with the
Caller's Line I.D. (Telephone number). This means calls may never have to
be missed again.4. Specific additional marketing campaigns can be
determined when the number of calls can measured. Additional marketing
monies can be targeted to the right area of the budget, thereby negating
the need to waste valuable financial resources.5. By having multiple
mobile numbers in the plan, it is now possible to have a service called
MultiCall which allows the first available 'agent'/employee to receive
the call, thereby radically improving the response time, otherwise known
as the time-to-answer.6. Virtual numbers can deliver a sales and
marketing plan which extends way beyond the company's geographic
boundaries and thereby creating much needed additional revenues, often at
its competitors expense.An 0800 Number can also deliver the same
benefits, but clearly whilst calls being terminated on the mobile
networks has fallen the costs of consumers to call these numbers has not,
but it is understood that this may very well change in the near future,
so watch this space.Small Businesses and start up businesses do not have
the financial resources to be able to purchase or lease full blown
telephone switchboard facilities so to have a virtual geographic presence
is the most cost effective way for them to achieve their desired aims of
having wider coverage and a large company feel.It is now possible to have
over 4000 International city codes and 600 UK city codes to choose from
and all of these calls can be terminated directly onto the mobile for a
not considerable cost of 7p per minute. Clearly, this is going to have a
major effect on the small business market and its felt that it is now no
longer a requirement to have a BT telephone number for your business.

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