What Steps to Take If You Are Injured at Work

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					Injuries are very common in the workplace. Often, they are not very
serious and are simply brushed off. However, when they are grave, it is
important for you to take certain steps in order to secure your safety as
well as rights. If not, you may be facing situations that are worse than
the accident itself.1. Safe PlaceThe first thing to do is get to a safe
place and or make the area where the injury took place secure so no
further harm may occur. Nothing else should matter until the threat is
neutralized.2. First AidWhen you are in a safe place, get or self
administer the appropriate first aid measures.3. Notify Supervisor or
BossThis is one of the first people who should be told of the injury. It
is his job to asses the situation and take the appropriate steps, as
determined by the law and the company. This will should most definitely
include some sort of official report.If the boss does not take the
report, then insist that he do so. It will be one of the most important
forms of evidence used to substantiate a workman's compensation and or
insurance claims.4. Medical AttentionEven if you do not think you need
it, this step is important because it provides you with various levels of
protection. For one, it will establish an official medical record of the
injury. This is essential for any legal claims down the line.Second, and
most importantly, a post accident examination may detect injuries that
are not apparent at first. Internal bleeding is an example of this. Left
untreated, internal hemorrhages can quickly lead to death.4. RestDo not
over work yourself or the injury. This means do not try to be a hero and
keep working. Doing so may end up working against you in the end. For
instance, if you are harmed at work but keep on working freely, you may
be waiving your right to sue if the harm was caused by employer
negligence.5. Consider Your Legal OptionsWorkers injured on the job
usually get workman's compensation. However, there are situations which
may warrant different actions, such as a law suit. When an employer is
grossly negligent in maintaining the workplace, he may be sued for harm's
caused by this negligence. This would be different than workman's
compensation insurance which is given without the necessity of a
lawsuit.6. Stay PositiveInjuries have the tendency to batter the psyche
and morale. If you have a work related injury that's getting you down,
just remember to keep your spirits up. Time passes much more quickly with
a positive attitude.

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