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					PDF to Excel Converter for Mac makes it easy to Convert a PDF into an
editable Excel format. Original layout and content can be well kept after

  PDF format, which is the abbreviation of Portable Document Format, is
an open standard for document exchange. Since it was created by Adobe
Systems, it has been widely used whether in our daily life or in the
office for its popular function. Each PDF file encapsulates a complete
description of a fixed-layout, including the text, fonts, graphics, and
the other information display on it.       Well, you see, nothing is
perfect in this world. Though PDF format is very convenient for users, it
may disappoint them sometime. For example, it may present a big trouble
when you need to edit the content in an encrypted PDF which is protected
from editing. If you encounter with this trouble, i think it may cost you
lots of precious time to deal with it. In order to solve this problem,
PDF to Excel Converter for Mac has been developed. With PDF to Excel
Converter, you can solve the above problem easily.       PDF to Excel
Converter for Mac is such a multi-function software for Mac users.
Provided 2 options for preservation: Retain value without formatting and
Retain original formatting of forms, it allows users to choose the output
format according to their actual need. Its Batch and Partial Conversion
Modes allows Mac users to convert up to 50 PDF files each time. By its
powerful function, users speaking different languages can save lots of
time from editing.       How to Convert PDF to Excel on Mac?         Step
1: Import the PDF files to PDF to Excel Converter on Mac        Drag and
down the PDF files to the converter. Or you can click "File" tab, choose
" Add PDF Files" in the menu bar. The program will appear as below.
Step 2: Set the Output format      Click the icon button and select PDF
files. Then you can set the output format.       Step 3: Convert PDF files
to Excel on Mac      Click the Convert button, PDF files will be
converted to Excel in seconds.

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