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					I've already published an article about optimizing the PC, but how about
the Mac? What can Apple users do to gain speed without paying buckets of
money on new hardware? Well it's a tricky question because Mac OSX is a
Unix based operating system that lacks a register among other performance
degraders. Yet I've come up with a few things you can do to optimize your
Apple computer.Watch the spaceThe bottleneck in any computer is the HDD.
The hard drive is very slow and needs to crunch through a lot of data.
When it fails to keep up users are confronted with a beach ball, somewhat
similar to windows "program is not responding" message. The perfect
solution would be to buy an SSD, but this is simply not affordable while
maintain an equal level of storage. So you should fall back on option 2:
management.To improve the efficiency of your hard drive, simply remove
all the data that is irrelevant. After all, the spinner will have less
data to check, thus will be done sooner. Here's a list of things you
could do:Remove trash out of trashcan
Uncheck unimportant start-up items. Go to preferences > account > login.
Remove programs you haven't used in a while
Keep "back-up" files like old documents/videos on an external storage
device or in the cloud.
Remove emails that aren't of importance.Updates are always betterIt's
true because updates are improved versions of the initial version, so in
theory they should always be better. Sometimes apps receive new code that
also makes them operate faster, so you should always keep your programs
up to date. Use Apple updater regularly, and check for new versions of
your existing software. Trust me, your Mac will run faster when you
do.Purchase latest operating systemOperating systems are the backbone of
any software suite, so your computer should always be running the best
version available. For Mac that means Mac OS X Lion (a $29,99 buy),
available in July.Use 3rd party optimizersTo fully optimize your computer
some 3rd party optimizing software could be considered. Without trying to
influence anyone, personally I like MacKeeper. I think that it's a great
package because it checks on software updates and lets you remove foreign
language files with just the click of a button. Other packages should do
the trick as well, as they generally just follow the pointers
above.Optimizing your Apple computer is an easy and quick job. There
isn't much I can say because the operating system cleans itself and shows
less gains from unorthodox aggressive methods than say a Windows would.
However you can always make big gains by relieving the bottleneck, think
about that the next time you're installing new software on your brand new

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