Gall Stones and Homeopathic Treatment!

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					Gall stones have become quote a common problem these days, thanks to our
changing lifestyles and sedentary habits! They may result from from
previous attacks of cholecystitis; however, in many cases pigment stones
are also found even without such bacterial infections.The gall stones may
be solitary or more commonly multiple. Solitary stone may attain bigger
size that may be composed of cholesterol, a translucent material. Bile
pigments are often deposited on its surface.The multiple stones usually
become faceted because of friction against one another. They usually
contain alternating layers of cholesterol and bile pigments. They are
usually the result of previous gall bladder infections.Pigment stones
containing biliverdin (often termed as biliary mud) are uncommon variety
found more in biliary duct than in gall bladder.Symptomatology-

           A "Fat Fertile Flatulent Female of Forty" is the usual
sufferer of gall stones, though this is not a rule. Men are equally prone
to the disease, especially in this modern era.

           Reflex dyspepsia is the commonest symptom of gall bladder
disease, in which the patient often complains of bloating and flatulence
immediately after food, associated with belching. The symptoms simulate
those of peptic ulcer, but the periodicity of dyspepsia seen in case of
ulcer is lacking here.

           When the stone enters the cystic duct or neck of the gall
bladder (if bigger), typical colic starts.

           The pain in abdomen may be excruciating which makes the
patient to bend double and press over abdomen. There may be referred pain
to back or shoulder blades.

           Vomiting and retching are often present.

           In some patients however, the pain is not so severe but is of
dull type and strictly located to right hypochondrium.Ultrasonography
reliably diagnoses the condition and one may start treatment after
confirming the diagnosis.Treatment of gall stone colic with Homeopathic
Medicines-This is the very crucial aspect for any patient, who is fed up
of the agony he undergoes due to pain. Also the abdominal discomfort is
bad to deal with. Many patients ask us, "Can surgery be averted?" and the
good news is "Yes, with homeopathic treatment, surgery for gall stones
(cholecystectomy) can be avoided. Literally thousands of patients have
sought help of homeopathic treatment to avoid being operated for the
disease.Homeopathic treatment however must be dependent upon the
characteristic Symptomatology of each case in hand and not on the
diagnosis of the disease. Certainly the investigations are important to
know what's wrong and to assess steady progress.The miasmatic blocks are
many times the reason for such tendencies to develop gall stones and the
disease has been seen to run in families too. Therefore, homeopathic
constitutional and intercurrent remedies help one conquer the odds and
put the body back into homeostasis. Some mother tinctures can also be
used like Berberis vulgaris and best results can be achieved in pretty
short time.However, it is the duty of homeopathic physician to ensure
that patient follows auxiliary line of treatment too along with
homeopathic treatment. Certain lifestyle changes have been found to yield
rewarding results for the patients of gall stones and general dyspeptic
troubles. For example- eating smaller meals at regular intervals helps
one conquer the dyspepsia, which is blamed to cause gall stones in the
long run. Right eating habits and exercise routines help a great deal in
preventing recurrence, along with constitutional homeopathic prescribing.
Get moving today to avert gall stone disease!

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