Socialbookmarking sites - pros and cons by anamaulida


									If you have a blog on your website, it is perfect to socialbookmark your
articles on the blog as a SEO tool. But nowadays there are hundreds of
socialbookmarking sites, here are some recommended sites that support
your blog – fast follow!Just simply submit a link
and “digg it” on My News tab! You had better follow some popular related
ones to get more people following you and more “digg” for your blog. You
even can share on twitter and facebook to get more followers. If your
blog has many “digg”, your site’s traffic may increase significantly.’s interface is very friendly and easy to use. You can digg any
topic such as Business, Entertainment, Gaming, Lifestyle, Offbeat,
Politics, Science, Sports, Technology and World News. However, you should
be careful with too sensational news, this could cause server crashes. – your online libraryYou can bookmark easily your blog by
adding new bookmark in “My Library”. And this bookmark can link back to
whatever source you are using to “read more” than the current article.
You can build up your network by searching Diigo users of interest and
inviting friends. You can even join a group to share matters that you are
reading. This is the best way because hiding in a crowd helps you
popularize your site safely and effectively. But you had better choose
“not too few or not too many people” groups, says 100 to 1000 members. – store your favourites onlineAlso easily and
simply add your URL with keywords. You even can rate your bookmark up to
five stars. The best part is that you can use any image available on the
site you bookmarked. However, you have a certain bookmark limit a day.
And the site does not look very sophisticated comparing to the others.
However, it is recommended for your backlinks or increasing your site’s
traffic.For more tips about Online Marketing, visit our blog!

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