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									I have found some terrific Cuba holiday tours on the internet and I have
selected one for you to look at in some detail. Cuba is one of those
places that all of us have heard of, everyone has an opinion about, but
few people have ever been to. As adventure holidays go, this is one with
a difference, you can check out what you have heard and make up your own
mind about this fascinating island.       Brief Facts About Cuba

  In 1492, Columbus claimed the island of Cuba for the king of Spain.
These days, Cuba is home to over 11 million people and is the 16th
biggest island in the world, and the biggest in the Caribbean in area and
by population. Its people, culture, and customs come from a variety of
sources, such as the aboriginal inhabitants, Spanish colonialists and
African slaves.        Climate       The climate is tropical with a drier
season from November to April, and a rainier one from May to October. The
temperature averages 21 degrees in January and 27 degrees in July. The
warm Caribbean Sea helps to make Cuba the victim of regular hurricanes
which most commonly occur in September and October.       Music       Cuba
is famous for its music and rhythms. Everyone knows the styles of son,
salsa, mambo, rumba and cha-cha-cha. Much of this had its roots in early
Afro-Cuban culture and many of the traditional instruments are clearly
African in origin. You will hear music everywhere you go in Cuba and it
will be one of your abiding memories of your holiday.       So, there are
a few facts about Cuba, so how are you genuinely going to get to know it?
There are lots of adventure travel companies arranging far more than
resort holidays and at very affordable prices. I have chosen one that may
be precisely what you're looking for. It takes you right into the heart
of the country and what's more you can forget about hotels and meet the
people by picking a local homestay.       Central Cuban Adventure
This excursion examines the central part of Cuba taking in both important
revolutionary sites as well as the gorgeous coastline and beaches.
Havana      The tour starts here, in one of the oldest cities in the
western hemisphere. Havana became a World Heritage Site in 1982 mainly
due to the superb colonial buildings. You'll be able to go on a walking
tour to discover the old town. Havana boasts some good museums, but one
of its main visitors attractions is its music and clubs. Everywhere you
go you will hear and feel the music, and see people dancing. For a first
night you cannot do much better than Havana.       Santa Clara       Next
you move east to Santa Clara, the site of the last, decisive battle of
the Revolution. You can visit the Che Guevara monument and see the
mausoleum where he is buried.       Trinidad      This is another World
Heritage Site and a enchanting old town of cobbled streets, pastel
coloured houses as well as colonial architecture. It has a background of
green mountains and is not far from the beautiful Caribbean coast of
Plays Ancon, a well known spot for snorkelling and scuba diving. Those
visitors looking for other outdoor activities can try horse or bike
riding. Trinidad is anexcellent place for music too, and there is always
a band playing somewhere and locals and tourists dancing in front of the
Casa de la Musica on the corner of the main plaza.        Cienfuegos
The final destination is the port city of Cienfuegos which, as with any
ports is a little more cosmopolitan than other places of Cuba. It comes
with a charm of its own with the lovely botanical gardens as one of its
primary treasures. Sitting on the bay of Cienfuegos there are many
fantastic views, and a boat trip around the bay will be a fantastic way
to wind up your trip before going back to Havana.      This excursion
will have given you a taste of Cuba, and the chances are you'll be sorry
to be leaving so soon. There is far more to this unique country, and
there are other all-inclusive holidays to Havana that can show you a lot
more. I am a seasoned traveller, who first visited Cuba in 1971. I have
put together a site brimming with fascinating adventure holidays
including a lot more fantastic holidays in Havana. It will save you hours
of searching all over the net for trips and holidays. Visit my site, now and find specifics of this holiday
and others around the world. Remember to bookmark this site.

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