Chelsea goal reinforcements 6 this summer by anamaulida


									Away to win the domestic crown last season, led his unit's Carlo
Ancelotti, will you return to Stamford Bridge in a successful fire
fighting experience Hiddink, Chelsea signings lock six goals, the
investment limit may even reach 90 million pounds, completion of a
thorough transformation of the team for the Netherlands to build new
steel marshal of the division. According to "Daily Telegraph" reports
that Chelsea goal this summer is a very creative young talent. The
purpose Cheap Football Shirt of this is one of Abu winter window for the
purchase of 50 million pounds to provide adequate support Torres. Hiddink
is expected to be released ahead of this month contract with the Turkish
Football Association, which took the blue dump, he always had close
contact with senior Chelsea, concerned about the situation of the team's
signings. The primary objective of points Chelsea Tottenham Frontal
Modric, the Croatian striker is the blue long-sought goal, Chelsea ready
to invest 30 million pounds for his high prices, but the Spurs chairman
Daniel - Levi refused to city competitors to start negotiations. However,
whether the Premier League Shirts Tottenham midfielder is still able to
retain doubts about Croatia, in addition to Chelsea, the defending
champion Manchester United also wanted to introduce Modric. Meanwhile,
Chelsea Tottenham poaching for the prevention of acts of veteran Didier
Drogba of Côte d'Ivoire will provide a period of 12 months, the New
Testament. Meanwhile, up front, the Anderlecht star Luka Chelsea is
still the target database, Bijia crack the price of 2,000 million pounds,
in order to lock the rising stars of the future Fengyun. The Chelsea
Football Shirt transfer to another department of the line of sight into
the blue diamonds in the rough is high potential talent Santos striker
Nei Maer. Last year, Chelsea had almost signed Nei Maer, but eventually
decided to accept the Brazilian genius home team Santos of the contract
requirements. This summer, Chelsea scouts will be watching Nei Maer Cup
final in Brazil, as well as on the performance of the America's Cup, and
nicknamed the "new Pele" Bi Luka library worth more, he has exceeded 20
million pounds mark. Other goals include Chelsea Chelsea Shirt winger
Sanchez, Udinese, but the Chilean striker from Barcelona closer to the
present; Bijia Genk 19-year-old winger Kevin Team - Germany - Brent
(Kevin De Bruyne), g A Split 20-year-old striker Ante Team - Wu Ku Xiqi
(Ante Vukusic), we can see that the intention of upgrading blue strong
repeat itself.

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