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									Eddie Garcia
PO Box 120235
Nashville, TN 37212

Sent VIA TELECOPIER TO North Reading Transportation (978) 689-1963

February 15, 2012

Mr. John McCarthy, President
North Reading Transportation
55 Hampshire Street
Methuen, MA 01844

Re: City Of Lawrence and Dominican Republic (Tenares) and North Reading Transportation

Dear Mr. McCarthy:

My inquiry to you is simple and although I expect you to not reply, I will pursue this matter
with the city of Lawrence as an FOIA and the media, including but not limited to authorities to
investigate if any undue influence or improper arrangement was made by those in positions of
authority in Lawrence and this remarkable gift to a foreign country.

In the below article, it is reported that a garbage truck was given to Tenaras, a town in the
Dominican Republic, a foreign country.


  Both the garbage truck and the bus were donated at the request of Lantigua by companies
  that have major city contracts in Lawrence, raising ethical questions about whether the
  mayor used the companies’ generosity to advance his political career.

  “We did give [a bus] to the mayor, who said he was going to give it to a charitable
  organization in the Dominican Republic,’’ said Debbie Schmidt, controller of North Reading
  Transportation, which buses Lawrence children to school.

You may not wish to reply on this matter since it may be under federal investigation and
certainly you wouldn’t want to say anything incriminating, but I am, for the record, going to
ask it.

Q: Did Mr. Lantigua, as mayor of Lawrence make any promises, oral or written to your
company for favorable acts if your company donated said bus?
Q: When you received the contract for transportation in Lawrence, were you the only bidder?

Q: Was there a public RFP issued for said services?

Q: How did your company become aware of the RFP, Bid or need for said service(s)?
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FOIA to North Reading Transportation and City of Lawrence

I see your company does a lot of business with other communities. Are you in the business or
generous spirit of giving buses to foreign countries at the request of elected officials?


There may be more questions, but these will suffice for now. Note that this inquiry is going to
the press and the city of Lawrence and authorities, if applicable.

Eddie Garcia

Cc: City of Lawrence, Charles Boddy, city attorney cboddy@cityoflawrence.com
    City of Lawrence, William Maloney, Esquire and City Clerk, wmaloney@cityoflawrence.com

Since this matter deals with a “pea in a pod” situation and to save paper and effort, I am
submitting this to the city as an official FOIA for the following records, under MGL public
records’ law. For questions that don’t pertain to documents, you may answer them with the
requested information.

   1. Did North Reading Transportation respond to a bid or RFP published or issued by the
      city of Lawrence for the services it provides the city?
   2. If so, please provide a copy of the RFP or bid when published. I believe this would have
      been in electronic form and it is requested to be furnished to me in that manner, as
      provided by law and if applies to any other question herein.
   3. M.G.L. provides that any official meeting of an elected official is part of the public
      record, therefore I request any record(s) of discussions or meetings, calendar agendas
      whereby Mayor Lantigua or any other city official met with, discussed with or
      entertained the services of this company for the city of Lawrence.
   4. Any document(s) OR written correspondence that dealt with the gift of a bus to a
      foreign country, Dominican Republic, Town or Village of Tenares at the explicit request
      of William Lantigua, mayor of Lawrence, Ma.
   5. What is the amount paid to this company for the aforementioned services it provides?
   6. Were there any other bidders or responders or companies considered for this contract
      or service?
   7. Where did this garbage truck come from? Was the garbage truck property of the city of
      Lawrence? If so, how was the process or decision made to give away city property to a
      foreign country or foreign village/town?

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