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									Their Eyes Were Watching God
Chapter 7-11 Reading Guide            name:__________________________________________

1. What was the real reason behind the argument between Joe and Janie that started when she
incorrectly cut the plug of tobacco?

2. How and why does Janie insult Joe’s vanity?

3. What did Janie tell Joe just before he died?

4. What action does Janie take immediately following Joe’s last breath? What does it show
about Janie?

5. How does Janie really feel about her grandmother? What had her grandmother done to make
Janie feel this way?

6. What was the only change that people saw in Janie after Joe’s funeral?

7. What did Phoeby and the other townspeople think Janie should do?

8. What did Janie think of the idea of remarrying?

9. What did Janie say about mourning and grief?

10. How did Janie meet Tea Cake?
11. Describe Tea Cake.

12. What were the main concerns that Janie had about getting into a relationship with Tea Cake?

13. Why did Tea Cake visit Janie early one morning?

14. What did Tea Cake do that proved his serious intentions toward Janie?

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