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									         PRAYER REQUESTS
         December 5, 2011

         “Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may
         receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.” Hebrews 4:16

Dayton Christian School System
   Katie Carl (DCSS-Special Ed): Pray for my former Campus Crusade for Christ leaders at New
    Mexico State University; Brandon and Mandy Pelton - just lost their 67 day old baby boy (born
    with Down Syndrome). (10/24)

   Don Hamilton’s (DCSS-Transportation) father-in-law had a stroke and Don is on his way to
    Cincinnati. (11/28)
    PRAISE: The CAT scan came back and there is no sign of a stroke but Don’s father-in-law
    does have pneumonia and will be in the hospital for a couple of days. (11/28)

   Pricilla Stock had emergency surgery (Thanksgiving week) and is in MVH. Please pray for Alan
    and Pricilla and family. (11/28)

   Jodi Brown (DCSS-Library) requests prayer for a young boy at her church – Kyle, 21, who
    has a cancerous mass in his leg and the cancer has spread to his bone marrow they are
    hoping that a new procedure will help save the leg otherwise they may have to amputate
    the entire leg. Please pray for this family. (11/28)

Dayton Christian Homeschool
   Cindy Sudduth’s (DCHS Coordinator) mom has been battling lung cancer for several months and
    it has spread to her bones. Cindy’s mom is trying to make a decision as to whether she should
    take the radiation recommended by her oncologist. Please pray for wisdom, peace and comfort
    for Cindy’s family as they make difficult decisions in the upcoming week. (11/10)
    UPDATE: the tumors in Cindy’s mom’s spine have increased to a dangerous level. They began 3
    weeks of radiation on the brain and spots in the spine yesterday. (11/16)
    UPDATE: My mom is in very bad pain. She still has radiation through next Wednesday (12-7).
    Please prayer for the pain to subside or the right medication and for my brother and his wife as
    they make decisions in her care. (12/1)

Dayton Christian School
   Laura Filaseta’s (DCHS/DMC-Spanish) husband Jeff’s job search as he lost his job at the end of
    May. (8/23)

   From Cheryl Watkins (DMC teacher)
    UPDATE: Update on my brother-in-law, Robert: he received a package on Friday, but it was not
    his visa. It was a letter stating that he needs another appointment. He scheduled this
    appointment, but couldn’t get in until October 31. This means at least another 2 months away
    from his family. Please continue to pray. (9/8)
    UPDATE on my brother-in-law, Robert: the consulate mailed his visa to the wrong city. Today
    he will be flying to Juarez to pick up the visa. The plan is for him to then cross over into El Paso
    and fly home from there. My sister is waiting to purchase his plane ticket until she is certain
    everything has gone as planned. Please pray for every little detail. (11/14)
    PRAISE! Last night at 11:50 p.m. my brother-in-law Robert stepped off a plane at the Dayton
    International Airport and was reunited with his family after 2 years and 10 months of separation.
    “On your feet now—applaud God! Bring a gift of laughter, sing yourselves into his presence”
    Psalm 100:1-2 (11/17)
    PRAISE! Cheryl’s brother-in-law was able to get his old job back that his former boss
    promised him to have 3 years ago! (12/5)

   Don Johnson (alumni parent and former board member) has stage 4 cancer. (8/25)

   Jon (DCHS-11th) and Jessie (DMC-8th) Czyzewski’s grandpa, Chick Smiley, has stage 4 lung
    cancer. He is getting chemo and continues to be sick post chemo. (9/8)
    UPDATE: Chick Smiley (father of Tammy Czyzewski) and grandfather to Jon and Jessica died
    last week. Here are the details for the viewing and funeral:
    It will be at the Tobias Far Hills Chapel –viewing is Friday, December 2, 2011 from 5-8 and
    funeral is Saturday, December 3, 2011 at 10:00 am at Tobias. Here is the link:
    Smiley&lc=6930&pid=154754961&mid=4898084&locale=en-US (11/28)

   Cindy Folkert’s (DCHS-Math) daughter, Jacqui’s walk with the Lord. (11/28)

   Dave Amlin (DCHS-Football Coach) continues to receive treatment for the cancer that he is
    battling. (9/21)
    Please continue to pray for God’s hand of healing of his cancer. (10/11)

   John Barnes (alumni parent) was admitted to Kettering Hospital with a brain tumor. The family is
    not accepting calls or visits at this time but would appreciate your prayers. Please pray for John,
    Lisa, Emily, Sarah, and Kendra. (9/29)
    UPDATE: Please continue to pray for John and his family. (11/4)
    UPDATE: John is halfway through his treatments. (11/29)

   Pray for 1997 Ridgeville Christian School graduate Jess Buchanan (an American aid worker) who
    was kidnapped in northern Somalia by gunmen along with a Danish and a Somali colleague as
    their convoy headed to the airport. (10/31)

   Sarah Britton (DC-Band): My Grandpa, Art Helmlinger, had open heart surgery last month. He
    started having seizures last week and is hospitalized now. The doctors think that he has
    encephalitis or an infection in the brain. They are waiting for the seizures to stop and then they
    will do a spinal tap. Please pray that it is treatable. It is frustrating because he is not in his
    hospital with doctors that know him and he isn’t allowed to be transferred until he is stable and
    that probably isn’t going to happen. He also doesn’t know the Lord, so please keep him and my
    family in your prayers. (11/8)
    UPDATE: Sarah’s grandfather passed away on Tuesday, November 22, while Sarah was on
    her honeymoon. The funeral was Saturday. Please pray for comfort for the family during
    this time of mourning. (11/28)

   Pacheco Pyle (Paul Pyle’s mother) requested prayer for her knee replacement surgery this
    morning at Baylor University, Garland, TX. She also requested prayer for strength and good
    health for her husband Bill who will be her caregiver. (9/27)
    UPDATE: Pacheco’s knee is healing but she has other physical problems and would appreciate
    your prayers. (11/14)

   Please pray for Donna Rogers (DC-3rd grade) and her family as they travel to Tennessee today for
    the funeral of her step-mother who died on Saturday. (11/21)

   Kathy Godwin (DMC) – shoulder surgery tomorrow. (11/21) perhaps someone else will:
    UPDATE: continue to pray for Kathy as she recovers. (11/28)
   Sheila Falknor’s (DMC) dad was put on respite because he has very little air getting through his
    lung. The family has many decisions to make including the need for hospice. (11/21)
    UPDATE: please continue to pray as Sheila’s father is having difficulty breathing. (12/5)

   Sue Norrod’s (DC-Art) mother that she would gain strength to use her walker and be able
    to spend Christmas with Sue’s family. (12/5)

Xenia Christian School
   Pray for Lauren (O’Guin) Harmon (DC alumni), 26 year old sister to Caitlyn and Stephen O’Guin
    (XC students). She has been fighting a rare form of cancer for three years. (8/31)

   Sarah Couture’s (XC Elementary and Middle – Art) sister-in-law Karen Couture has MRSA.
    This is an extremely serious situation. (10/14)
    UPDATE: Our sister-in-law, Karen Couture is doing very well, and will be able to undergo her
    next surgery on November 29, 2011. They will be using a prosthesis to replace the part of the
    skull that was removed. Her infection is considered gone now, so they can do this procedure.
    Please, pray for pristine conditions as they open her head again, guidance for the doctors’ hands,
    and continued healing. (11/28)

   John Augustine’s (XC-Athletic Director) brother Joe is undergoing a four hour surgery to remove
    tumors from his spine. The tumors are benign (praise God), but they are pushing his spinal cord
    out of his spine at T-1 and it is crucial to have them removed to prevent paralysis. The surgery is
    very precise and recovery time is four weeks or more. Both Joe and his wife, Liz Augustus,
    attended DC in the mid-90’s (Liz graduated in 1996). Pray for a successful surgery, healing, and
    calming of nerves. (11/14)

   Karen Isaacson (XC-PE) Praise/Prayer:
    - Andrew Isaacson (Army Ranger) finished SERE (Survive, Evade, Resist, Escape) school and
       is now back at Ft. Benning, GA. He might be able to fly home this weekend (Dec. 2-5) to
       visit before he deploys.
    - Nathaniel Isaacson made it safely to Deland, FL to work at Skydive Deland for the winter.
       Pray for safety as he works.
    - My niece, Ashley Moreland, as she continues with her pregnancy (due February 14) as her
       husband, David, is overseas. Both in the Air Force.
    - My nephew, Kevin Gleason, in the Air Force stationed in Montana. (11/28)
    - My mother-in-law, Sandra Isaacson, is at the doctors right now. She had an echocardiogram
       that showed a shadow in the bottom of her heart. The doctors want to do another test but she
       does not want another test. The doctors think it is a blood clot and she is endanger of having a
       stroke. If she continues to refuse the test they will put her on Coumadin (blood thinner). Pray
       that my father-in-law, John, can convince her to have the test and be sure. Thanks for your
       prayers. (11/30)
    - Praise the Lord my mother-in-law agreed to the test and they did not find any blood clots in
       her heart. She passed her stressed test and does not need any other medications. She was able
       to go home without any restrictions. (12/1)

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