Objetivo 1_ To locate Spanish speaking countries on a map. 2_To by ert554898


									 Objetivo: 1) To locate Spanish
 speaking countries on a map.
2)To ask where you are from and
   Hagan Ahora: How do you say,
   and write, the United States in
           El apunte cultural
                  Jaime Escalante
               Born in 1930 in Bolivia
Changed the lives of latinos in poor neighborhoods
                    in Los Angeles.
 Fought for better textbooks and inspired students
                       to succeed
The movie Stand and Deliver was made about him
   and how his students were able to pass a very
          difficult math test before college.
  Los países hispanohablantes
 • The United States - Los Estados Unidos
    • Group Activity (3 people per group)
• Fill in as many countries as you can on the
   map of North, Central and South America
                  in 5 minutes.
  • Each student must complete their own
    map. Communicate with each other so
            everyone has the answers.
       Where are you from?
To ask, “Where are you from?”, say:
  ¿De dónde eres?

To answer: Soy de los estados unidos.
        (I am from the United States.)
      Where he/she is from?
¿De dónde es ____? - Where is ____ from?

Example: ¿De dónde es Raquel?
         (Where is Raquel from?)

Answer: Raquel es de Costa Rica.
        (Raquel is from Costa Rica.)
           El fin – the end
• How do you ask: Where are your from?
• ¿De dónde eres?

• How do you answer:
• Soy de los estados unidos.

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