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					                            The Compass
                             LOS ALTOS YMCA ADVENTURE GUIDES

                            J A N A U R Y      2 0 1 2

                       Expedition Navigator’s Message
                       Greetings Adventure Guides Friends,                     Camp Oakes is just around the corner January
 Navigator      1                                                              20-22, so start working on those songs and skits.
                       Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful
                       holiday.                                                Snow has been light so far this year but hopefully
 Patch Display 1                                                               we’ll get a little snow before camp.
                       The Christmas Tree lot was a great success this
 Contest                                                                       At the last Base Camp we discussed the idea of
                       year so thanks to everyone who volunteered on
 Tree Lot       2      the tree lot. Los Altos YMCA board member               introducing a new overnight activity each year.
 Success                                                                       Last year we had an overnighter at the Natural
                       Mark Sheldon again volunteered his time to run
 Focus On              the tree lot and did an incredible job. One of          History Museum and we’re still trying figure out
                       our biggest challenges was coordinating and updating    something for this year. For next year we’ve
 Calling All    3                                                              booked an overnighter in November on the aircraft
                       the lot sign-up sheet but some good ideas were
 Writers                                                                       carrier USS Midway (yes, I said aircraft carrier!)
                       offered to help create an internet based sign-up
 Stocking and   4      sheet next year that will make it easier to sign-       in San Diego which should be an amazing event.
 Toy Drive             up and manage this process.                             As you see we’ve made some big changes to The
 Circle Chat    5      Also, thank you to the Totally Terrific                 Compass this month so enjoy and we hope you
                       Tomahawks for sponsoring the Christmas gift             like the new format.
 Calendar of    7
                       giving this year and to all the circles that donated                                               Rob Berry
                       stuffed stockings to the Long Beach Rescue                                                 Cuddlefish Circle
                       Mission which was our charity this year.                                                  Expedition Leader
  Have questions or
 need info? Contact
Sam Albrecht at the
     (562) 596- 3394
                       Patch Display Contest                                                   Start thinking and send in
                                                                                                   those cool ideas!

                       Wondering what to do with all         featured in the March edition of             3) Include your name, age,
                       those patches that you’ve collected   the Compass!                           circle and a brief description of
                       over the years? - are they sitting                                         your idea and how you came up
                       in a drawer somewhere?                Details:                             with it. If you can also submit a
 YMCA Strong Kids
                       Announcing an exciting contest,                                            picture of your idea- a drawing
Campaign Kicks-Off                                           1) Submit your idea to Wendy
                       open to all Adventure Guides                                               or a picture of you showing us
      in February!                                           Chavis (wendyc66@verizon.net)
                       (children only please). Simply                                             your display idea, that would be
                                                             or Rob Berry (lrberry3@gmail.com)
                       come up with a unique, interesting                                         great but not required.
                                                             by February 17th. Only one
                       and useful way to display your
                                                             submission per child please.         4) Please include your parent’s
                       Adventure Guide patches. If your
                       idea is chosen you will win a $5                                           email address and phone number
                                                             2) The top 3 ideas will win and
                       certificate to Powell’s Sweet                                              also, so that we can contact you
                                                             will be announced in the March
                       Shoppe in Belmont Shores                                                   if we have any questions.
                       (yum!!!) and your idea will be
                               Tree Lot Success
          PAGE        2

                                                    THANK YOU

                               …to all of the Tree Lot volunteers! A huge thanks to Mark
                               Sheldon for his dedication. We appreciate all of the time and
                               effort and guidance that you provided to make it a success
                                                                                               Mark Sheldon

Some of our
“junior volunteers”

                                                                                  Brian who put in many hours
    “a signicficant                                                               helping Mark
portion of the net

proceeds from the

   tree lot goes to
                                  Many hands making
    the Adventure
                                   quick work of the
     Guide budget                   tree lot set-up...
 which helps keep

our program costs


                              Upcoming Event
         Let there be
           snow...not                                                                 Camp Oakes
            much yet
             though!                                                                January 20-22, 2012

              THE         COMPASS
JANAURY         2012                                                                                                    PAGE      3

Focus On...The Mighty Tongva
The Mighty Tongva is a father-son circle that was started in       the range to 5th grade after everyone realized that the boys
1998 by two dads named Steve Hoy and Mark Bixby. Two               and dads did not want out so early. Everyone loved going
years later, Mark also started a father-daughter circle called     to camps, getting together, the beach bonfires, walking in
The Wild Wahinees. Both circles are still active and strong.       the Seal Beach Christmas Parade, our annual Turkey Shoot
They are primarily comprised of families that live in or near      (paper target with B.B. guns), entering the pinewood
the "Hole" (in Long Beach) and most of the sons and                derbies, and all of the other great events held each year.
daughters attend Kettering Elementary School. Mark Bixby           The boys enjoy each other's company and look out for one
tragically passed away last year. The current members of           another. The dads get to know each other better and have a
both The Mighty Tongva and the Wild Wahinees paid                  fun time while they do so. The third component is the
tribute to him and his memory at the last Camp Fox during          father-son bonding which creates awesome memories that
Campfire.                                                          we all hope will last a lifetime.

Back in the day, Mark Bixby hand carved a talking stick and        There is a great sense of community in our circle and it
drum that he passed down to the tribe when his son aged            makes it really special for everyone involved. Last summer,
out. We still use them at our monthly meetings and it's just       Shereef Moustafa (our chief from last year) coordinated a
one of the many ways that his legacy lives on in the Long          great volunteer project to refurbish the garden boxes at
Beach community. The host of each meeting has his son              Kettering Elementary. Mike Lanterman, our most veteran
beat the drum one time for each brave in attendance. Our           Tongva (another former chief) along with Shereef, supplied
monthly meetings usually involve dinner, an activity/ project/     me with a lot of great information about our circle for this
craft, time to share out information about upcoming events,        article. They both live on my block and recruited me early
and time for our sons to pass the talking stick around our         when they noticed my son was entering kindergarten. Their
group's circle and share some thoughts. At the end of each         pride for our circle and its history is contagious. It was
meeting, the co-host's son once again beats the drum for           passed to them and it has spread to me and to a tribe that
each boy who was able to make it that night. The drum and          currently has 13 dads and 15 boys. The Mighty Tongva has
stick are then passed on to whoever volunteers to host/co-         a great reputation and continues to thrive.
host the next month's meeting.
                                                                                                   Victor Pravednikov
The Mighty Tongva started off as a circle that accepted boys
that ranged from Kinder to 3rd grade. The circle extended

Calling All Writers...
                                          At the December Base Camp, the circle leaders discussed ways to
                                          get the kids involved in the writing and publication of The
                                          Compass...after all it’s really their publication so why not give them
                                          the opportunity to have some fun and help produce it.

                                          More details on this will be included in the February issue of
                                          The Compass.
                               Stocking and Toy Drive
          PAGE        4

                                                                                                           ...thank you
                               On Saturday, December           the number of filled stockings      for your participation
                               17th; four members of the       and gifts. A special thank              in the stocking
                               Total Terrific Tomahawks        you to the circles that                  and toy drive..
                               circle gathered at the          sewed their stockings                      Totally Terrific
                               YMCA to gather all the          before filling them with                     Tomahawks
                               stockings dropped by the        goodies. What a special
                               Adventure Guide circles         touch!
                                                                                                as we arrived at the
                               and delivery to Long Beach
                                                               Once we packaged the             mission, it started really
                               Rescue Mission.
                                                               gifts, we braved the rain to     raining. The Long Beach
       “the Long               Our circle is very grateful     drive to the mission and         Rescue Mission was very
                               for all your generosity with    deliver to items. As soon        thankful for the donations.
  Beach Rescue
    Mission was
   very thankful
           for the

Adventure Guide
                               The Tomahawks loading the stockings for delivery to
Surplus T-Shirts               the Long Beach Rescue Mission
from last year are
available at the
YMCA. Adult

                              Kids Corner
sizes only - $5
while they last.

We will be ordering
T-Shirts again
this year. More
info will be sent
out to the circle
leaders in January
                                              Coming next month...

               THE        COMPASS
JANAURY          2012                                                                                              PAGE     5

Circle Chat
Please submit an article about your circle news or holiday activities (pictures optional) or just
a picture by January 31 to Wendy Chavis at wendyc66@verizon.net to be included in the
February edition.

Totally Terrific Tomahawks
Stocking Filling Party by Damian
The Tomahawks had a stocking filling party. We filled stockings for the Rescue Mission to give out to
kids and grown ups that don’t anything. We filled 5 stockings and 3 gift bags, 5 were for boys and 3 for
women. The stockings almost ripped open because we put so much stuff inside of them. I think the
people who get the stockings will be really happy. It made me feel really happy to fill the stockings for   stockings
the people who don’t have anything and I want to do it every Christmas. While the Tomahawks were
                                                                                                            almost ripped
here, we played Nerf and ate Christmas goodies. We also built Legos that Jennifer (Alex’s Mom)
brought for us. I had a fun day.                                                                            open because

                                                                                                            we put so

                                                                                                            much stuff

                                                                                                            inside them”

Ocean Girls
The Ocean Girls circle went to the set of a new TV show called "Whipped" for their November meeting. They
got a special race-course tour in golf carts. They also got to build brick structures for the cars to
swerve around and paint a special brick that may be visible during the taping of the show. Special
"Thank You's" to Kirk and Amy Miller for their time.
PAGE     6

Circle Chat (cont.)
The Wild Wahines Go Big by Shereen Moustafa
It was that time of the year again when we, the Wild Wahines, decided to Go Big! In the beginning, the
awesome circle of dads and daughters started off by designing and decorating the float for the Belmont
Shore Christmas Parade. First we strung up the lights around the railing of the truck. Next, some of us
hung ornaments on the sides of the vehicle while others decorated the float with all types of accessories.
During that time, the Dads began to hang the banners. One of them said "Merry Christmas from the
Wild Wahines" while the other two quoted our circle founder Mark Bixby's motto "Go Big Or Go Home".
Soon enough we were able to setup the instruments that Mr. Jackson and Mr. Anderson were going to
later play in the actual parade
Later on, once our float had been setup at Mr. Wells
house, it was time to go to the parade.
All of us stepped into the float and road down to the
parade area. While riding, all of the Wild Wahines were
shouting and waving at random people "Merry Christmas!"
or "See you at the Parade!"
Finally, the parade began after a couple of hours waiting.
The musicians played while we waved and shouted at people
"Merry Christmas!", "Happy Hanukkah!", "Happy New
Year!" and lastly "Go Big or Go Home!".

    THE      COMPASS
 JANAURY           2012                                                                                                          PAGE    7

Circle Chat (cont.)
Night around Naples by Kristin Berry
For the third year in a row, the Cuddlefish had a great time going on the
Duffy boats to see the Christmas lights in Naples. We had snacks, sang
songs and welcomed some of our new members to it all. I think eve-
ryone had a great time.

                                                                            Expedition Officers 2011‐2012

Calendar of Events                                                          Navigator- Expedition Leader

                                                                              Rob Berry- (Cuddlefish)
Fri-Sun 1/20 -1/22/12       Camp Oakes
                            Campfire: Wild Wahines
                                                                            Elder - Previous Expedition Navigator
                                                                              Gary Farmer (Playanos Princesses and Komodo Dragons)
February - March            Strong Kids Campaign
                                                                            Log Keeper – Records Meeting Minutes and Tracks Points
Wed      3/21/12            Base Camp at YMCA          7-8 pm
                                                                              Brad Denger (Pioneer Princesses & Pathfinders) -
Wed      3/21/12            Base Camp at YMCA          7-8 pm                   brad@bealeash.com
Wed      3/21/12            Base Camp at YMCA          7-8 pm               Event Coordinator – Coordinates Circle Sponsors for Events
Sun      4/22/12            Huff & Puff Boat Regatta   1-4 pm
                                                                              Vacant Position
                            YMCA Swim & BBQ
                                                                            Compass Newsletter Editor – Compiles Newsletter Articles
                            Boat Regatta:
                            Food & Beverage:                                  Wendy Chavis (Totally Terrific Tomahawks)
Fri-Sun 5/11 - 5/13/12      Camp Surf (Imperial) check-in 4 pm Fri          Webmaster - Updates Program Website
(registration in Feb TBD)   Patch:                                            Charlie Stockwell (Brave Velociraptors)
Fri-Sun 6/8 - 6/10/12       Camp Fox (Catalina) boat departs at noon             cstockwell@umcproducts.com
(registration in Mar TBD) Campfire:
                                                                            Outfitter – YMCA Staff Liaison
                                                                              Sam Albrecht (562) 596- 3394
                            Patch:                                               sam.albrecht@lbymca.org
Wed      6/20/12            Base Camp at YMCA          7-8 pm
June     TBD                Year-end Celebration
      FOR SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY                                             Mailing label here

       Los Altos YMCA Adventure Guides
       1720 Bellflower Boulevard
       Long Beach, CA 90815
       Contact: Sam Albrecht
       Phone: (562) 596-3394
       E-mail: Sam.Albrecht@lbymca.org


Adventure Guides Compass Points
The Adventure Guide program is based on the adventures of a parent and child and their
Circles and Expeditions. At the forefront of the program are the Compass Points, which
give members a sense of direction and an inspiration for activities. These points are
broad enough in scope to allow for variety and creativity in designing activities.

The four main points on the compass are the essential components of the program.

   The Family is True North – the focal point of the program.

   Nature and the camping experience are integral parts of the program.

   The spirit of the program is experienced through belonging to a small Community, called a Circle.

   Fun is the magic of the program.

The YMCA Core Values of Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility make up the other directional points.

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