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					Applicant Eligibility includes examples highlighted in yellow to assist you in
completing your application.

Please utilize these examples as you write your application but delete these highlighted
sections before printing the final copy that will be submitted to our office.

                                  Applicant Eligibility

The applicant or borrower must be an agricultural producer or rural small business.

          An agricultural producer is an individual or entity directly engaged in the
production of agricultural products, including crops (including farming), livestock
(including ranching), forestry products, hydroponics, nursery stock, or aquaculture,
whereby 50% or greater of their gross income is derived from the operations.
          An entity is considered a small business in accordance with the Small Business
Administration (SBA) small business size standards by NAICS found in Title 13 CFR
part 121. A private entity including a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation,
cooperative, including a cooperative qualified under section 501(c)(12) of the internal
revenue code), and an electric utility including a Tribal or governmental electric utility
that provides service to rural consumers on a cost of service basis without support from
public funds or subsidy from the government authority establishing the district, provided
such utilities meet SBA’s definition of small business. These entities must operate
independent of direct Government control. With the exception of the entities described
above, all other non-profit entities are excluded.
          Individuals must have a place of business in a State of the United States.
          If the applicant or borrower, or an owner has an outstanding judgment obtained
by the United States in a Federal Court (other than in the United States Tax Court), is
delinquent in the payment of Federal income taxes, or is delinquent on a Federal debt,
the applicant or borrower is not eligible to receive a grant, until the judgment is paid in
full or otherwise satisfied or the delinquency is resolved.
          If an applicant has been debarred from receiving Federal assistance, the
applicant is not eligible to receive a grant, direct loan, or guaranteed loan under this
          An applicant that has received one of more grants and/or loans under this
program must make satisfactory progress, as determined by the Agency, toward
completion of any previously funded projects before it will be considered for subsequent

Briefly notate how you meet the above eligibility requirements and certify your

(example: I am an eligible producer as more than 50% of my gross income is derived
from ag operations. I am a U.S. citizen (or reside in the U.S. after being legally admitted
for permanent residence). I do not have any outstanding judgments, nor am I debarred
from receiving Federal assistance. I have demonstrated financial need. I have never
received a grant through this program.)

Your NAICS code:              Type of business:

2) Eligibility – Please check as appropriate:

   The applicant has a place of business a state of the U.S.

3) Judgments or delinquencies

Yes No
             Do you have any outstanding judgments in federal court (other than
             U.S. tax court)?
             Are you delinquent in the payment of federal income taxes?
             Are you delinquent in any federal debt?
             Have you ever been debarred from federal financial assistance?

4) Previous Section 9007 (REAP) grants received – Choose one of the following:

   Yes, I have received a Section 9007 grant in the last 2 years.
     The purpose of the grant was for:
     The amount of the grant was:
   No, I have not received a Section 9007 grant in the last 2 years.

I meet the above described eligibility requirements


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