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Welcome to Riddermark!

Riddermark Farm, just South of Jackson, MI, is the perfect home away from home for you and your

Here at Riddermark, we focus on providing experienced, personal care for every horse. We know that
each horse has unique needs and we work to meet those needs, with individualized feed plans, turnout
schedules, and general care.


Riddermark Farm is located in Clarklake, MI, about 20 miles South of Jackson.           miles from
US-127, access is easy and convenient, without the farm being right along the major highway. The farm
is surrounded by hay fields, horse farms, and            woods.

The Name

The term “Riddermark” comes from the works of J.R.R. Tolkein, and refers to the riders and land of
Rohan, home of the horse people.

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Lessons with Jessie Myer

Championship Rider Jessie Myer is available to give on-site lessons for both horse and rider. Trained in
dressage, she has been teaching for              years, and in addition to offering lessons,

Farrier-Cindy Evans

Obviously, everyone is welcome to bring whomever they wish to care for any horse on the grounds, but
for those of you who would like to take advantage of her services, Cindy Evans of Complete Hoof Care in
                 MI is a regular visitor. Every          weeks, she stops in to trim hooves, changes
shoes, and check teeth. She is also available between visits for additional tasks.

Veterinary Care

As with farrier work, any and all vets are welcome on the Riddermark Grounds, and your personal vet
will be first to be notified should any problems arise. In addition, Dr. Hammer at Countryside Veterinary
Service has been makings calls to the farm here since before the barn was constructed.

Individualized Care

At Riddermark Farm, the focus is experienced, personal care for each and every horse. We are able and
willing to accommodate any number of personalized feed plans, as well as customized turnout and
personality-matching of any horses to be turned out together. Primary caregivers all have 30+ years
experience in caring for horses.

Tammy Keller

Tammy Keller, Co-owner and primary caregiver here at Riddermark Farm, has over 40 years experience
in caring for and showing horses. Winner of              blue ribbons at shows ranging from saddleseat
to dressage to pleasure, she is an accomplished rider and is currently working with Jessie Myer to
advance through the USDF trials with her Percheron/Thoroughbred mix, Jesse. Tammy lives on the
grounds and is generally available at a moment’s notice should she be needed in the barn.

Anna Beal

Anna Beal, co-owner of Riddermark, is also an accomplished rider with over 35 years experience in the
equestrian world. Anna began showing horses at age                 and has been an avid horse enthusiast
all her life. Mother of two, Anna is also successful outside the arena, having become a full partner at M-
R Builder, Inc in Napoleon, the firm behind the construction of Riddermark Farm’s wonderful barn and

Roni Weaver

Mother of the owners, Roni Weaver has been in the horse world since               , first in Standardbred
racing, then showing. In addition to being of invaluable assistance at the barn, Roni is also the resident
caterer, always ready with a delicious snack for the hungry riders and spectators at Riddermark events.

Jessie Myer
Current Residents


In Stall One is permanent resident Black Diamond Jesse. Jesse, as he’s known around the barn, is a
Percheron/Thoroughbred cross, with the size and beauty to prove it. He is currently training with Jessie
and Tammy for USDF trials. He has appeared in                    shows to date.


Hailing from the Netherlands is Anna’s dark beauty Nik          (Sobe). A       hand freesia, Sobe is as
easy-going as they come, and gentle enough for Anna’s 5 year old daughter to ride (with Mom’s help of
course!). Sobe and Anna are currently conditioning and training with Jessie.


Riddermark isn’t just for Dressage! Paint mare Missy proudly represents the Western side of things with
owner Amy


Full brother to Jesse, Joker is just as beautiful. He is currently for sale (to an exceptional home!).
Contact owner Ulrike Klotz for more details (###-###-####).
Horse and Pony Show!


Though she’s not technically a Riddermark resident, mini Shadow can often be seen in the arena with
Audrey, Anna’s daughter. Cute as a button, she loves hanging out with the big guys at the farm.


Chocolate Lab Miracle is Tammy’s wonder puppy. When she was born, Miracle wasn’t breathing.
Tammy resuscitated her and she’s been a true blue farm dog ever since.


Protecting everyone from monsters that might be lurking around any corner is Ella. Ella was rescued
from an abusive home in               .


The newest addition to the canine crew around the farm is Rocket. Energetic and spunky, she certainly
lives up to her name.

The barn stands as a beautiful embodiment of the care and thought that goes into every aspect of life
here at Riddermark Farm. From the moment you walk in the door, you’ll feel at home in the warm
expanse of the stable aisle of spacious arena.

Each of the six stalls is equipped with easy access feed and water buckets and a large window into the
aisle that can be opened or closed as necessary. Designed to be easy on the hoof, stalls are bedded with
                                  , which is cleaned daily. In addition, each stall has a fan which can be
used in the summer both to cool down and keep away flies.

Just down the aisle from the stalls are the utility spaces of the barn. From the impeccably neat feed
room and the well-equipped tack room with large personal lockers to the on-site bathroom and wash
facilities for both horse and rider, you’ll find everything you need here.

Behind the main barn area is a full-sized indoor arena with what has been hailed as the “best footing in
the area” (GET REAL QUOTE HERE) There is a large dry-erase board on the wall for jotting down quick
notes about lessons, etc, as well as a viewing area for spectators, also equipped with a dry-erase board
(conveniently placed lower to keep little ones busy while Mom is riding!).

The Growing Process

We broke ground for the barn in               2008, and over the next few months watched it grow
and become the beautiful establishment you see today. To see pictures of the barn in progress, click on
the thumbnails below!

Like what you see? Call M-R Builder at 517-536-4300!


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