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					                                   BLACKFALDS AG SOCIETY
                                         September 20, 2011
                                   BLACKFALDS MULTIPLEX
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Carol Simpson           Sherri Klam            N. Mark Ryan                    Les Simpson
Wayne Tutty             Kevin Baughman         Denise Neilson                  Violet Ripley
Dena Thomas             Trish Willis           Betty Ball

11 Attendees in total

1.0    Call to order at 7:01 p.m
2.0    New Members or Guests
3.0    Minutes read by Sherri, Motion to accept by Mark, 2nd by Wayne, all in favor.

4.0    Financial Report:

       Financial report was moved to the October meeting.

5.0    Reports of Committees:

6.0    Unfinished Business/ Carried Forward
       6.1 Jim Hurley Skate:
           2010-2011 and 2011-2012 years have been paid in full.

       6.2 Farm Safety Grant:
           6.2.1 Article in the Lacombe Globe regarding the Fire Station course
           6.2.2 Summerfest: Trish, Sherri and Mat set up farm safety tables at Summerfest. We
                  borrowed displays from Alberta Agriculture, along with coloring books and pens. We
                  had two draws:
                  First Aid Kit – Madison Opdendries
                  Roadside Assistance Kit – Lori Murphy

       6.3 Fall/ Winter Program Guide:
           We placed an ad in the Fall/Winter Program Guide and a copy was circulated for information.

       6.4 Payment for Ramps – Email vote:
           Denise made a motion that the Ag Society pay the full price of the ramps being constructed
           for access into the arena for the Farmers’ Market. 2nd by Sherri, In favor – Violet Ripley,
           Dena Thomas, Carol Simpson, Les Simpson, Trish Willis, Wayne Tutty, Betty Ball, Kevin
           Baughman. Against – N. Mark Ryan.

       6.5 Donation Request for Den Cooper – 2011 David Thompson Ride for Youth – Email Vote.
           As per email vote – we gave him $50.

       6.6 Landscaping at the arena:
           The town came up with a landscaping plan and we would like to partner with them. Maybe
           something for Rockie? Floyd had offered to donate flowers for a garden for him. The town
           has the bench for Florence and wants to know where to install it at Willow Park. We will
           leave the placement up to Trish.
                                   BLACKFALDS AG SOCIETY
                                         September 20, 2011
                                   BLACKFALDS MULTIPLEX
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      Carol made a motion that we spend up to equal value on Rockie that we did on previous
      memorials. 2nd by Dena, all in favor.

7.0   Requests/ New Business
      7.1 Ag Society Ice Logo – Advertisement in the Arena
          We need a new stencil of our logo for the ice. Trish gave the Town of Blackfalds the go ahead
          to get another one made by Lacombe Signmasters at a cost of $598.00. Denise makes a
          motion to pay Lacombe Signmasters for the new logo install it on the ice. 2nd by N. Mark, all
          in favor.

      7.2 Fundraiser for Jim Hurley Skate:
          Carol has a binder for Grey cup. Something to think about. Let’s bring back ideas for next

      7.3 Farm Fair – Field House Society
          BFHS has volunteered with Northlands for their farm fair in November. Anyone is welcome
          to go to help raise money for them.

      7.4 Blackfalds Days 2012 0 Sponsorship of Butterfield Acres Farm
          A 20% deposit is required at the time of booking. Other possible activities include sumo
          wrestling and a mechanical bull. Trish will look into this further and report back to the
          October meeting. Dena makes a motion that we book and pay for Butterfield Acres Farm for
          2012 Blackfalds Days. 2nd by Kevin, all in favor.

      7.5 Field House Society – Sponsorship opportunities
          Carol Simpson made a small presentation on the opportunities available to the Ag Society to
          sponsor the future field house. N. Mark made a motion that the Blackfalds District
          Agricultural Society sponsors the naming rights for the amphitheater at a cost of $7,000 per
          year for the next 5 years for a total sponsorship of $35,000.00. 2nd by Les, all in favor.

          Denise will check into using the casino funds to help build the amphitheater.

8.0   Addresses and discussions
      8.1 Correspondence:
             8.1.1 Alberta Showcase
             8.1.2 Foster Bank Baskett Insurance – we have a new contact.
                    BFHS continues to be a rider on policy at no cost to the Ag Society.
                    Do we want director insurance? Trish will follow up and report back to the next

9.0   Payables:

      Next Meeting Tuesday October 18, 2011; Supper at 6pm, meeting at 7pm.
      Adjournment – 8.13pm

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