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Article Review #1

                 Article Review of “Tech-ing Wisely in K-2 Classrooms”

 The article “Tech-ing Wisely in K-2 Classrooms” was a good article with many valid

points regarding technology use in early childhood classrooms. Among the many topics

discussed were important ones such as using technology to extend children’s thinking and

learning, whether or not to include games and drill activities in computer use, where the

best location for computer instruction is for this age group, and software for use in K-2


 A good point was that technology can help to extend the child’s thinking and learning.

Teachers are constantly trying to figure out how to reach children, extend their

knowledge, engage them and get the children to go on and obtain more information by

themselves. Technology is a great way to do that. “Computers in the early grade allow

kids to extend their learning in exciting ways. Whether it is a site that allows for drill and

practice or a rich extension of what is going on in the classroom, it is a motivating tool

that enhances learning” (Jackson 2004). Currently, teachers are competing with all kinds

of video game consoles. Kids would rather be at home in front of the video games.

Video games do involve thinking, strategy and problem solving. If learning concepts in

school could be made into a fun, interactive positive experience, through the use of

technology, then children would perhaps view school as a fun place to go. Computers are

giving teachers that chance to turn the classroom into a fun, interactive, exciting place to

 Another point the article made was that children are “learning how to learn” in those

first years of school (Jackson 2004). Our culture and society have changed so much in

the past ten years. In order for students in the present day to be successful, they need to

be more knowledgeable in computer and technology uses. If they are not exposed to such

technological advances, they will be at a disadvantage as they progress through school

and even later in life.

 According to the article, location of the computers also makes a difference for students

of this age. Computers should be in the classroom, and lessons on the computers should

be done one-on-one or in a small group. Whole group, computer lab instruction should

be avoided because it creates confusion, disengages students and frustrates them (Jackson

2004). An ideal setting for computer use would be three to five computers in a classroom

with students being guided by the teacher.

 The article also examines whether to use computer games in the classroom or to use

computers strictly for research and presentation. There are mixed opinions in this matter.

Some say there is no place for “skill and drill” in K-2 classrooms. Others, however,

suggest “Learning games such as Reading Rabbit are high interest and engage students in

learning Dolch site words, recognizing numerals, counting, matching numerals to sets of

numbers and many other primary skills” (Jackson 2004). A combination of both skill

building games and research and presentation activities seem to create a well-rounded use

of technology.

 “Tech-ing Wisely in K-2 Classrooms” also listed good software and activities to

incorporate into the early childhood classroom. Kid Pix, Kidspiration and Golly Gee
Blocks were suggested for use in the K-2 age and skill range. These help the students to

become familiar with computers and their many uses. (Jackson 2004)

 The different topics discussed in this article gave a better understanding of how one

should go about using technology in an early childhood classroom. It gave examples of

things to do with the children, where to put the computers (lab vs. classroom), what

software was best, whether or not to include games on the computer, and it talked about

student learning. Overall it was an article that was effective in helping one to understand

just how to go about including technology in to an early childhood classroom.

Jackson, L. (2004) Tech-ing Wisely in K-2 Classrooms. Education World. Retrieved

September 20, 2007 from Education World Website:

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