Receipt and Acknowledgement I by xiagong0815


									                                      Receipt and Acknowledgement
I have received the following:

    1) Syllabus
    2) Schedule of Classes (part of the Syllabus)
    3) Receipt and Acknowledgement

Points to pay particular attention to:
    1. If you do not like being on time or are unable to be on time, you may wish to consider an alternate class. You must be
        on time or you WILL be marked absent.
    2. I reserve the right to adhere strictly to official school policy concerning class attendance and the Census date – if you
        miss or are marked absent for more than the permissible number of class, I may drop you.
    3. If you receive phone calls / texts or make calls or send texts – I reserve the right to request that you leave the class. If
        this happens on more than three occasions, I reserve the right to exclude you from returning to the class until after you
        have spoken to administration about your refusal to comply with a simple request for respect in the class.
    4. I do not offer ANY make-up work, nor do I accept LATE work. Not for a good reason or any reason.
    5. No EXTRA CREDIT is available and after reading this, you will not ask if there is any extra credit available.
    6. If you miss a quiz due to: ANY REASON, … you miss the quiz and do not have the right to take it at a later date.
    7. You do not have a right to take a quiz or the final earlier or later than scheduled. If I permit one person, I must allow
        everyone, and that is not feasible. Therefore, please do not ask if you can take the FINAL earlier – even if your mother
        schedule a flight a week before the final.
    8. If you do not hand in an assignment by the date/time requested, you MAY NOT hand it in, and if you do, I reserve the
        right to not grade it. If your class does not have any assignments, this will not apply.
    9. Do not use your cell phone in class nor should you chat with your neighbor. Unless I ask you to speak or answer a
        question, please do not.
    10. I may change the readings or requirements with one week of notice to students.
    11. If you do not like or agree with the comments made in the class during discussion – you should drop the class. You
        have been warned that there may be topics you disagree with, and it is your choice to remain in the class. If you
        remain, you will abide by the classroom policy.
    12. I understand that I should review or read the class webpage for updates or class requirements. Furthermore, classroom
        policy is explicated for all students on the class webpage and it is my responsibility to check.

I have read the forms listed above and the points enumerated above and understand the requirements for the class. If I do not, or did
not understand what was written above, I asked for clarification, or will ask for clarification, and acknowledge my responsibility for
the answers to any questions I may have about the aforementioned.

Additionally, I was present on the first day of class at which time the instructor went over the material listed above. If I was not
present on the first day of class, I understand it is my responsibility to speak to the instructor about requirements after I have carefully
read the Syllabus and accompanying handouts. If I choose not to speak to the instructor (that is my choice), I will still be held
accountable for the materials listed above and the rules and requirements of the class.

I am aware of the requirements for this class and of acceptable and unacceptable conduct. If I remain in the class, I will abide by these
classroom standards.

I understand I am to print this off, or rip it off from the Syllabus (to which it may be attached) sign it, and return it to the instructor.
This receipt is to be handed in by the start of the second class period (or as soon as the instructor requests it by the second meeting).

If I do not sign and return this form by the beginning of the second class, I understand that I may be excluded from the class. Further,
I understand that should I fail to hand in this receipt and remain in the class, I will still be held to the same rules and standards through
implied acceptance of the rules and requirements based upon my continued presence in the class.

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