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									SULIT (CONFIDENTIAL)                                                                                   UPM/TNCPI/ICC/P01/PP/BR1

                                           PEJABAT TIMBALAN NAIB CANSELOR
                                           (PENYELIDIKAN DAN INOVASI)
                                           PUSAT INOVASI DAN PENGKOMERSILAN (ICC)
                                           (INNOVATION AND COMMERCIALISATION CENTRE)
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                                           BORANG PERMOHONAN PATEN                                           For Office Use Only:
                                                  PATENT APPLICATION FORM                                    Ref. No:

Nota           Anda dikehendaki mendapatkan maklumat mengenai IPR sebelum memajukan permohonan ke pejabat ICC.
               Sila lawat ke laman berikut:
Note :       * You are required to read about IPR before submitting your application for approval. Please visit the following websites:

Bahagian A / Part A

1.     Geran Penyelidikan dan Kelompok / Source of fund and Cluster : [ √ or/atau                  ]

 Geran Penyelidikan / Source of fund                          Kelompok / Cluster

          IRPA grant                                                   Agriculture
          Fundamental grant
          Science fund
                                                                       Science, Technology and Engineering
          Techno fund                                                  Forestry and Environment

          Other                                                        Social Sciences

 2.      Tajuk reka cipta / Title of invention:

 3.      Ketua Projek / Project Leader:

 4.      Nama Pereka cipta /
         Name of Inventor(s):

 5.      Jabatan/Laboratori /
         Department/Laboratory :

 6.      Fakulti/Institut/Akademi /

 7.      E-mel / E-mail :

 8.      Telefon / Telephone :

 9.      Faks / Fax :

No. Semakan       : 02
No. Isu           : 01                                                                                                              1/5
Tarikh Kuat kuasa : 06/10/2008
SULIT (CONFIDENTIAL)                                                                                  UPM/TNCPI/ICC/P01/PP/BR1

  Bahagian B / Part B:

  Arahan               Sila hantar borang ini bersama dengan Spesifikasi Paten seperti format di bawah. Setiap seksyen perlu
                       disertakan. Sila lihat Lampiran 1(a) untuk rujukan.

  Instruction:         Please submit this form together with the patent specification as per the format given below. Each section need
                       to be submitted or else the application will be considered as incomplete. Please refer to Lampiran 1(a).

  Spesifikasi Paten / Format of Patent Specification
       1.    Field of Invention
       2.    Background
       3.    Summary
       4.    Description
       5.    Claims
       6.    Abstract
       7.    Drawing (if any)
       8.    Brief description of drawing

Bahagian C / Part C:

Arahan            Sila lawat ke laman di bawah untuk menjalankan carian paten. Nyatakan kata kunci yang digunakan semasa
                  carian. Hasil carian hendaklah disertakan bersama borang ini. Sila lihat Lampiran 1(b) untuk rujukan.

Instruction:      Please visit the following website to search for prior art of your invention. Indicate your keyword used for the
                  search in the column below. Please refer to Lampiran 1(b).

Senarai pangkalan data/ List of databases: [√ or/atau               ]

  Pangkalan data / Databases                                                             Kata kunci Carian / Keyword search
       1.    United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)
             http://www.uspto.gov/patft/index.html                                        2.
       2.    European Patent Office (EPO)
             http://ep.espacenet.com/                                                     2.
       3.    Intellectual Property Office of Singapore

       4.    The Industrial Property Digital Library (IPDL, JPO)
             http://www19.ipdl.inpit.go.jp/PA1/cgi-                                       2.

…………………………………………………….                                                                Tarikh / Date: …………………………….
Tandatangan / Signature

For Office Use Only:
Date application received:

No. Semakan       : 02
No. Isu           : 01                                                                                                               2/5
Tarikh Kuat kuasa : 06/10/2008
SULIT (CONFIDENTIAL)                                                            UPM/TNCPI/ICC/P01/PP/BR1

                                                                                           LAMPIRAN 1(a)

                        WRITING PATENT SPECIFICATION

1.0     PURPOSE

        This guideline is to help researcher prepare the patent specification document.


        2.1      Field of Invention

                 The field of invention is a general broad statement describing the art or technology to
                 which the invention relates.

        2.2      Background

                 The background describes the known prior art, the disadvantages / needs that are being
                 overcome / met by the disclosed invention.

                 The background frequently identifies prior patents, US and foreign. Key features of the
                 invention compared with the prior art are described and explained.

        2.3      Summary

                 This section should present the general idea of the claimed invention in summarized
                 form. The summary may point out the advantages of the invention and how it solves
                 previously existing problems, preferably those problems identified in the background of
                 the invention.

        2.4      Description

                 The description starts off with general background information and progresses to more
                 detailed information about the invention (could be product or process and its parts).

                 The description must be written as complete and thorough as any new information to the
                 patent application cannot be added once it is filed. Changes can only be made to the
                 subject matter that could be reasonably inferred from the original drawings or description.

        2.5      Claims

                 Each claim should be a single sentence, and where a claim sets forth a number of
                 elements or steps, each element or step of the claims should be separated by a line

                 The claims must particularly point out and distinctly claims the subject matter which is
                 regarded as the invention. The claims define the scope of the protection of the patent and
                 it is the main highlight of the patent specification.

No. Semakan       : 02
No. Isu           : 01                                                                                     3/5
Tarikh Kuat kuasa : 06/10/2008
SULIT (CONFIDENTIAL)                                                          UPM/TNCPI/ICC/P01/PP/BR1

        2.6      Abstract

                 The abstract is a short summary of your invention and how it can be used. The
                 abstract should consist the following;

                       a) Description of the invention and what it is used for;
                       b) Description of the main components and how they work;
                       c) Fairly short, not more than 150 words.

        2.7      Drawings

                 The drawings of a patent application describe the invention visually, using a chemical or
                 mechanical structure, charts and graphs, and detailed relationships of features.

                 The drawings contain references (numeric and alphabetic) that relate the feature
                 described in the specification to a corresponding feature or portion shown in the

                                                                                         LAMPIRAN 1(b)
No. Semakan       : 02
No. Isu           : 01                                                                                4/5
Tarikh Kuat kuasa : 06/10/2008
SULIT (CONFIDENTIAL)                                                                       UPM/TNCPI/ICC/P01/PP/BR1

                                       PRIOR ART SEARCH
1.0     What is Prior Art?

        Prior art refers to scientific and technical information that exists before the effective date of a given patent

        Prior art may include;
              Previous patents
              Trade journal articles
              Publications (including data books and catalogs)
              Public discussions (conference and seminar)
              Trade shows
              Brochures
              Products, devices & equipments

2.0     Why to Search for Prior Art?

        Prior art search will help you to:

                understand your competition
                avoid patent infringement
                write your patent application
                learn more about your field of invention
                Save the cost of patenting process

        The results of a good patent search should reveal any identical, similar, or partially similar inventions to the
        one you might patent.

3.0     Where to Search for Prior Art?

        1.       United States Patent and Trademark Office (The USPTO)
                      http://www.uspto.gov/patft/index.html
                      Covers issued and published U.S. patents from 1790

        2.       European Patent Office
                      www.espacenet.com
                      Contains patents from all over the world

        3.       Intellectual Property Office of Singapore
                       http://www.surfip.gov.sg/

        4.        Patent Cooperation Treaty Application (PCT)
                      http://www.wipo.int/pctdb/en/search-adv.jsp
                      Contains published PCT applications dating back to 1978

4.0     How to Search for Prior Art?

        An on-line prior art search can be done by a keyword search
                 Keyword search
                       List the keywords that you would use to describe the invention
                       Think of all possible aspects of the invention and choose keyword that describe each

        The quality of a keyword search will depend on the appropriateness of keywords selected

No. Semakan       : 02
No. Isu           : 01                                                                                                     5/5
Tarikh Kuat kuasa : 06/10/2008

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