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					Phi Theta Kappa
  An Invitation That’s

 Good as Gold
Benefits of Membership
   Our Members Say it Best
Recognizing Your Achievements
Membership Benefits
Your Opportunities for Recognition
  • Golden Key Membership Pin
  • Membership Certificate
  • Membership Identification Card
  • Diploma Seal
Your Opportunities for Recognition
  • Membership Notation on College
  • Distinctive Graduation Regalia
  • National Dean’s List Nomination
  • Letters of Recommendation
Scholarship Opportunities
     $35 Million and Growing
Phi Theta Kappa Transfer Scholarships
  • More than $35 Million in scholarships
  • 600 colleges and universities offering
  • Ivy League Colleges including:
     – Harvard University, Cornell University,
       Columbia University and University of
  Connect to Scholarships
• eScholarship Directory at
• New Scholarships added daily
• Transfer Database delivers
  scholarship offers
• Search for scholarships using
Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships
• Leaders of Promise
   – $30,000 awarded annually
   – Funding for associate degree studies

• Guistwhite Scholarships
   – $100,000 awarded annually
   – Funding for baccalaureate studies
More Scholarship Opportunities
 • All-USA Academic Team
   – $50,000 awarded annually
   – Sponsored by Phi Theta Kappa, USA
     TODAY and the American Association of
     Community Colleges
   – Winners featured in USA TODAY

 • All State Academic Teams
   – Provide added recognition in 36 states
More Scholarship Opportunities
 • New Century Scholars
   – $100,000 awarded annually
   – Funded by the Coca-Cola
     Scholars Foundation
   – Recognizes the highest scoring All-USA
     applicant in each state
More Scholarship Opportunities
 • Jack Kent Cooke Undergraduate
   – For two-year college students transferring
     to four-year institutions
   – Awards up to 60 scholarships yearly
   – Scholarships vary up to $30,000 yearly
   – More information at
More Scholarship Opportunities
 • Coca-Cola Two-Year College Scholarships
    – $350,000 awarded annually
    – Winners embody academic success and
      community service
    – Visit
Opportunities to be Published
Academic Benefits
     Academic Benefits
• Nota Bene Honors Anthology
  – Nationally circulated two-year college
    academic journal
  – Professional publishing opportunity for
    two-year college authors
  – $3,000 awarded annually
     Academic Benefits
• USA TODAY Case Study Challenge
  – Research opportunity connecting Phi
    Theta Kappa programs with timely,
    real-world news
  – Publishing opportunity on the
    USA TODAY website
  – Cash stipends awarded annually to top
    case studies
    Get Connected to
Phi Theta Kappa Benefits
Benefits at
    permanent email
  • Press Release announcing your induction
  • Letters of Recommendation for jobs
    and scholarships
Benefits at
  • Assistance for standardized test taking
  • Resources to develop writing skills
  • Online access to research journals
  • Access to online career resources
  • Cost-effective insurance options
  • Internet Service
     Endless Opportunities
Phi Theta Kappa Programs
        Scholarship First
• Membership based on academic
• Opportunities for involvement
• Participation in activities is not required
• Participation expands your experience
International Service Program
• A network of thousands making
  a difference
• Service partners have included:
   – America’s Promise
   – American Cancer Society
   – National Mental Health Association
    Honors Programming
• Members united in academic study
• Current and upcoming themes for study
• Honors Satellite Seminars
• International Honors Institute
  Meetings and Fellowship
• Start with chapter events
• Regional meetings offer leadership and
  life-skills development
• International Meetings, a Celebration of
  Phi Theta Kappa Hallmarks
     Building Leadership
• In your chapter
• On the regional level
• Internationally
     Making the Grade
Membership Eligibility
  Eligibility Requirements
• Eligibility GPA established by local
• Number of associate degree hours
• Maintenance Level GPA to maintain
        You Belong
Accepting the Invitation
Making Membership Official
• Membership Application
  – To receive all scholarship offers and
    exclusive benefits, members must provide:
     • Major
     • Expected graduation or transfer date
     • Current email address
Making Membership Official
• One-Time Membership Fee
• Induction Ceremony
  –   Date
  –   Time
  –   Location
  –   Guests
Accept the Invitation
    It’s Good as Gold!

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