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					                                      PTO Full Board Meeting
                                  November 21, 2011; 6:00 – 7:30 PM


Present: Robyn Latessa, Ted Duncan, Angela Taylor, Sandy Austin, Jamye Davis, Chris Lynn, Jill Pruitt,
Candace Crouch, Susan Sperry, Peter Billingsley, Hope Buttitta, Mary Taylor Elston, Mica Waters-Carter,
Coral Darby, Derek Edwards and Lindy Watkins

Absent: Julie Adkins, Greg Melville, Heather Goldstein, Debby Maugans, John Menkes

    I.   Welcome and Introductions – Robyn Latessa                       6:00 pm [10 min.]
             General Welcome – Derek Edwards, parent of 2nd grader attended
             Recognition/Thank You’s from teachers for CIF, Ms Boks, Ms Smith & the “Read to
               Succeed” program; Recognition: Greg for coat drive with over 100 coats collected with
               help from Blake Smith, Ted Duncan & the 5th grade safety patrol; Sophia Ungert for
               KidsArt; Chris Lynn for Global Scholars Day with Chris noting specialists were very
               enthusiastic this year reflecting global scholars theme, environmental stewardship and
               Ten Thousand Villages; Family night-5th grade fundraiser - Sandy & Ashley with Sandy
               noting some of $250 budget spent with the balance to be given to the 5th grade DC
               fundraiser; Candace for Advocates with final count of $15k; Beauty and the Beast set-
               parents contributing time and talents; Daniel Withrow received National Teacher
             Approval of October Executive Committee Minutes – The Minutes of the October 17th
               PTO Executive Committee Meeting were unanimously approved
             PTO leadership meeting Dec 8, 12-1 pm at the Asheville City Schools Board Room

    II. Principal's Report – Asst Principal Ted Duncan reporting                6:10 [15 min.]

            Food tree in lobby; group of students to UNC-A to see a basketball game, was very good for
            the students; lockdown drill today went very well, first one of the year; looking to further
            improve safety; working to decrease tardies- have seen great improvement here;
            bookmarks passed out at end of day stating procedures for coming and going in car line up
            and drop off; parent asked about crossing guards; “Dad’s on call guards”; caution light
            suggestion by Angela Taylor

    III. SPMT/MTAC Report – Peter Billingsley                            6:25 [10 min.]
            IT position filled by Ms Sorenson, Molly McDonald moved to 3rd grade & 4th grade asst hired
            today; some committees there have not met, so it was a short meeting; Ted Duncan talked
            about school safety, big push to bring data for resource matching for kids in need

    IV. VP Communications Report – Robyn Latessa                               6:35 [10 min.]
             Newsletter – Celeste Sandridge completed; Greg working on getting more articles in;
              have 4th & 5th graders contribute; spotlight new people; student artwork, comic strips
             PTO page, not much progress here due to lack of IT person, but will change with IT hire,
              want more on PTO page on Facebook
          Jones alumni Facebook page-up and running soon, hope to bring in some camaraderie,
           volunteerism; Charlie Glazener will help out with promotion
          Yearbook-going well, seeking help from teachers soon to proof, will need to coordinate
           those to help sell

V. VP Fundraising Report – Jayme Davis                              6:45 [20 min.]
        Advocates Update – Candace Crouch-duties wrapping up; connect ed to remind
          contributions still accepted; raised $14,790 includes a $600 in-kind donation; some to
          be collected in Feb; sign will be displayed at B&B and thereafter
        Discussion regarding requests for money & where it goes; suggest a master list to inform
          parents what requests will be coming up; Ted asked is there a fundraising report sent
          out stating what was supported. A notebook suggested to help keep track of fundraising
          efforts. Put volunteer hours (generalized) in newsletter.

          Notecards – Sophia Ungert (not present) Over $600 to Jones Art Fund
          Spring Carnival – Sandy Austin/Ashley Dotson
           Some work on carnival; visited fall festivals for ideas – to teachers to select; several
           businesses; 1st Bank will donate most or all of the inflatables; April 20 is the date, 5-8
           pm; will sell tickets; prizes will be awarded; Ted will look into securing a bus for those
           who need transportation; advertising via posters, radio campaign, Merrimon Ave signs,
           note cards for area preschools; Asbury wants a booth!
          5th Grade Trip Fundraising – Sandy Austin/Ashley Dotson
           School Mall made $500 - $600 last year, with around 60% increase this year; $905 raised
           for ”Denim for DC;” spirit wear successful $2,800 & they’re in and almost ready to
           distribute; Dining Out for DC nights: 12/6 at Wendy’s; Vinnie’s. Eric sent Ashley an email
           netted 119 Dickson netted 190 people, so he was a bit discouraged; have $3,705 plus
           $3,000 from PTO (per Mary Taylor Elston have 10K scholarship dollars requested); $10k
           goal reached; basket raffle postponed to Dec 15 during the 4th and 5th grade holiday

          Grants – Michelle Rumfelt- not present
           Ideas for grants w/Sarah & Ted
          Go Local – Jayme Davis-1 more connect ed requirement; give $15 breakdown; funds not
           marked for specific thing

VI. VP Volunteers Report – Robyn Latessa                            7:05 [10 min.]

          Teacher appreciation-Coral is working on holiday hams for custodians; childcare during
           the holiday party on Dec 2; Teacher Appreciation Week in May
          Drama - Chris noted “Beauty and the Beast” transition of directors has gone smoothly;
           on track budget wise; exciting, “students having a great time”, encourage others to
           come see it, have students pull out rehearsal CD’s and go through it. Over 100 students
           involved. Many thanks to Chris for offering his time and talents. Robyn noted the need
           of a couple of parents to watch students who are backstage; Mary Taylor Elston
           commented teachers were in charge of this last year
          Hospitality-comp tickets home for performers; ushering volunteers needed; $250
           f/dinner night to 5th grade fundraiser
                  Parent directory – Matt Harper to email

VII. Treasurer's Report – John Menkes/Angela Taylor                        7:15 [10 min.]
                  Review October Financial Statements – NoteCards very successful with profit of over
                    $600 to Jones Art Fund in November; Drama activity picks up in Nov/Dec
                  Tax return filed
                  Cashiers needed for play evening performances. Angela will work Friday night with Hope
                    working Thursday night. Coral will cover the Thursday morning performance.

       VIII. Upcoming Events:                                                      7:25 [5 min.]

               23       Teacher Workday
               24-25    Holiday

               8-9         Drama Club: Beauty and the Beast; 7:00 pm
               15          Holiday Concert-10 am & Holiday Meal for 4th & 5th grades & basket raffle
               19          PTO Executive Board; 6-7:30 at Robyn’s on Farrwood
               21          Teacher Workday
               23-30       Winter Break

               Next Full Board Meeting: Monday, January 23rd

       IX. Adjourn - Dinner/Drinks at Vinnie’s canceled 7:30 pm

   Submitted by,

   Angela Taylor, Co-Treasurer,
   For Heather Whitaker-Goldstein, PTO co-Secretary

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