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									                                Advanced                      Proficient                    Emerging                   Unsatisfactory
                                 90-100                         80-89                        71-79                       70- below
   Application/          Student drew a perfect 1”     Student drew a 1” border      Student drew a 1” border      Student either drew a 1”
  Craftsmanship          border from the edge of       from the edge of the          from the edge of the          border from the edge of
Advanced: 75-80 pts.     the paper. Student copied     paper. Student copied the     paper, but the border is      the paper that is not close
Proficient: 70-74 pts.   the masterwork they           masterwork they chose,        not perfectly straight.       to being straight or the
Emerging: 65-69 pts.     chose with great attention    paying attention to detail.   Student copied the            student did not draw a
Unsatisfactory: 64-      to detail. There are no       There are no errant marks     masterwork they chose.        border. Student copied
below                    errant marks on the paper     on the paper and student      There are some errant         the masterwork they
                         and student did not           did not scribble. The         marks on the paper and        chose. There are a lot of
TOTAL:                   scribble. The artwork is      artwork is neat and           student did somewhat          errant marks on the paper
____________             neat and resembles to a       resembles the masterwork      scribble. The artwork is      did not finish. The
                         great degree the              it was copied from. The       resembles the masterwork      artwork is resembles the
                         masterwork it was copied      museum tag is legible,        it was copied from. The       masterwork it was copied
                         from. The museum tag is       lined up, completed in        museum tag is legible,        from. The museum tag is
                         legible, lined up,            Sharpie, and free of any      lined up, completed in        not legible, lined up,
                         completed in Sharpie, and     pencil parks.                 Sharpie, and free of any      completed in Sharpie, or
                         free of any pencil marks.                                   pencil parks.                 free of any pencil parks.
                                                                                                                   OR the museum tag is not
     Knowledge           Student explained how         Student explained how         Student wrote how they        Student did not complete a
Advanced: 8-10 pts.      they made their choice for    they made their choice for    made their choice for their   museum tag or explain
Proficient: 5-7 pts.     their master copy on          their master copy on          master copy on another        how they made their
Emerging: 3-4 pts.       another sheet of paper.       another sheet of paper.       sheet of paper. They sited    choice of choosing a
Unsatisfactory: 2-       They sited sensory,           They sited sensory,           sensory, formal, technical,   masterwork.
below                    formal, technical, or         formal, technical, or         or expressive as their
                         expressive as their reason.   expressive as their reason.   reason, but gave no
TOTAL:                   They used great detail in     Student also completed a      detailed explanation.
____________             their explanation. Student    museum tag that includes      Student also completed a
                         also completed a museum       their name, title of the      museum tag, but is
                         tag that includes their       artwork, materials used,      lacking one or more of the
                         name, title of the artwork,   dimension of the art work,    following: their name,
                         materials used, dimension     and year it was made.         title of the artwork,
                         of the art work, and year                                   materials used, dimension
                         it was made.                                                of the art work, and year
                                                                                     it was made.
    Time/ Effort         Student used class time       Student used class time       Student was not actively      Student put forth no effort
Advanced: 8-10 pts.      wisely, working diligently    wisely. Student put forth     on task each day of the       and did not use class time
Proficient: 5-7 pts.     everyday throughout the       some effort and did not       project. Student rushed       wisely. Student was often
Emerging: 3-4 pts.       allotted time on the          rush through the project.     through the project.          off task or frequently
Unsatisfactory: 2-       project. Student put forth                                                                absent without making up
below                    a great deal of effort and                                                                the work.
                         did not rush through the
TOTAL:                   project.

                                                  Museum Piece RUBRIC
                                                          Visual Art Comp.
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