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									                                                        ADOPTION FAQS
                    Where can I see animals available for adoption?
                           o All our animals are listed on (which is linked to on our website). Some animals
                                will also be brought to various adoption fairs whenever possible.
                     What do I need to do if I see one I am interested in?
                           o If the animal is on please contact the person listed as the contact for that animal.
                                If it is at an adoption fair there will be a Furry Tails representative there to assist you.
                    Is there an application to fill out?
                           o Yes. It is also available on our website to download and fill out
                    What is the adoption fee?
                           o Adult Dogs – 30.00 Under 6 months - 50.00
                           o Adults Cats – 15.00 Under 6 months – 25.00
                           o If the animal is under a year and not altered, you will be required to post a $50.00 bond which is
                                refundable when you get the animal altered
                           o If the animal is over a year and not altered, we generally waive the adoption fee and you are
                                only required to post the spay/neuter bond.
                    Do you ever offer discounts on adoption fees?
                           o Yes, under some special circumstances some discounts may be offered.
                    Why do I have to post a spay/neuter bond?
                           o As a responsible rescue, Furry Tails strives to do our part to end the problem of the
                                overpopulation of pets by assuring all of ours have been altered. The bond is only there to serve
                                as a reminder and incentive for you to get your animal altered within the allotted time frame.
                    How do I get my bond money back?
                           o When your animal is altered within the allotted 6 month time frame, you will give your vet a
                                form to fill out and send back to us. We will then mail you back a check.
                    What is your return policy?
                           o If the animal does not work out in your house, you have 30 days to bring them back and receive
                                a full credit towards the adoption of another animal. At anytime if you choose not to keep the
                                animal, your contract states you will return them to use for rehoming.
                    Are there any age requirements to adopt an animal?
                           o Yes. you must be 18 years old so that the adoption contract is legal
                    Are the animals fixed, up to date with shots, etc?
                           o Yes, as much as possible. If an animal is not fixed because of age or some other reason, you will
                                be asked to provide a bond that is refundable to you when you get the animal altered.
                    Do you require a home visit?
                           o We require that you give consent to one, but whether we visit or not is up to our discretion.
                    Do you adopt to homes with other animals?
                           o Of course. In the case of dogs, we would like to see them together to know they will get alone.
                                In the case of cats, we will advise you on the best way to introduce them properly.
                    Do you require adoptive parents to own their own home and have a fenced yard?
                           o No, but if you rent we will contact your landlords to verify you are able to have a pet. If you are
                                adopting a dog and do not have a fenced yard, you will have to demonstrate a clear plan on
                                how to exercise your pet and provide for their safety outside.
                    Are your cats declawed?
                           o No, not unless they come to us that way. And as an adoptive parent, you must agree that you
                                will try all alternatives before doing so yourself. We believe declawing is inhumane and often
                                causes behavioral issues and that there are many other very suitable alternatives. But we also
                                believe that if it comes down to being declawed or having no home, being declawed is the
                                better alternative for a cat.
                    Are the animals housebroken/litter trained?
                           o When the animals are in foster care, their foster parent has worked with them on this but some
                                will be further along than others.

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