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                                GANESH GAJARE

Career Objective

        To obtain a challenging and responsible position in an organization which will hone my skills to help me
contribute extensively to its growth and success.

Personal Profile

Contact Address                 : P-18/3,S.P.D.C Colony,
                                 Mankhurd, Mumbai-400088.
Date of birth                   : 15 June 1988
Marital Status                  : Single

Academic Profile

       Degree                 Board/University                    Year           Class
      B.Sc.(I.T)             Mumbai University                 June 2008       First Class
       H.S.C.               Maharashtra State Board           01/06/05        First Class
       S.S.C.               Maharashtra State Board            March 2003      First Class

Key Skills:

Certification : Red Hat Certified Engineer.

My expertise in Networking with GNU/Linux includes:

• TCP/IP Configuration of Clients and Servers : Assigning IPs, Gateways,       Nameservers,
  netmasks, hostnames, domainnames etc for individual machines and setting up the NW

• Setting up Secure NFS Servers with multiple Clients for File and Disk sharing                 for Corporate
  IntraNets. Configuring NFS and Automount for mounting user home directories.

• Setup software RAID-1 disks for mirroring data for integrity and redundancy
    Set up a secure OpenSSH server, disabling the use of ftp and telnet, to increase network
• Enable administrative security for Assistant Administrators using sudo.
   Configure Firewalls using iptables to protect the Networks from crackers : Denial of Services, IP
   spoofing and many other types of Internet attacks.

• Set up Intranet Web Servers with APACHE, multiple-site management with named-based
  Virtual Hosting and access control with HTTP authentication
• Set up a DNS server using BIND9
• Setup of LDAP server for centralized aunthentication of users.
Computer Proficiency

 Operating Systems                    LINUX OS(Redhat 5, Ubuntu, Debian GNU/Linux)
 Languages Known                      SQL, Python, Bash Scripting
 Web Tools and Languages              HTML, Zope, Plone ( Content Management system)

Project Profile

    Developed OOP’S Project in Academics for “College Admission System”.
      An Application developed for the student to learn “Optical Devices” under the guidance of “Mr.Aniket
      Sule” at “Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education” based on Linux platform by using “Python”
      Language and “pygtk” as GUI application toolkit.

Work Experience

      Project Assistant in Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education. Working on Python and
open source s/w Projects from March,2009 till today.

    Software development using python, pygtk, PLONE(Content Management system),
      Postgresql as tools and technologies for GNOWSYS(
    Mail Server configuration using sendmail and postfix in debian linux.
    Volunteer in FOSS(Free and Open source software)
    LDAP server setup at Gnowledge Lab, HBCSE for projects student with nfs home mounting,
      maintaining Network in Lab.
    Cluster FS of file system using free and open source File system Glusterfs over a 30 thin
      client and one Server.
    DNS configuration, adding new entries in DNS.
    Raid Configuration: Raid 5 configuration for HP Storage area network.
    Server & Client process monitoring using open source application Alien Vault (OSSIM) &
    Virtulization : Virtulization using XEN, deploying Xen Servers over a Debian system.
    Ubuntu customization, managing and deployment of Ubuntu systems.

Work in Education

    Volunteer in OLPC project(One Laptop Per Child). My contribution to OLPC in India
       Deployement of OLPC XO's in various location.
     Translating Sugar OS in Marathi, Which is a light weight platform, Activity based learning
        studio for a child.
    Providing ICT education using FOSS technologies, Which provides teachers training in
    computers. Workshop are conducted various schools of Maharashtra, Goa.
 Currently working on a project by Gnowledge Lab, HBCSE for developing ICT based school
    education material, in which conduct a weekly workshop at school in Khalapur Taluka, Raigad

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