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									 How can political will for Tx2
be best enhanced in your TRC
*Recognition of the Global Tiger Crisis and
Global Awareness in Tiger Conservation will
lead to the more attention from the Thai
Cabinet to support more budget and
concentrate in the conservation effort.
*Need invitation letter from Russian ‘s Prime
minister to Thai ‘s Prime minister to attend the
Tiger summit next September in order to raise
Tiger Conservation up to the top issue.
Good Practices/success stories
1. Smart Patrol or Mist Based Patrol
2.Long Term Tiger Population
Monitoring Program.
Key Performance Indicators to monitor
• Tiger and Tiger’s Prey Population Trend.
• No of Cases (i.e. poaching, enforcement)
• Encroachment Areas
   Three good practices need to be
       scale up to achieve Tx2
1. Protect tigers, prey, habitat through smart
Activity: Expand smart patrolling in all core tiger breed areas.
2. Eliminate trade through effective law and
Activity: Strengthen Asian WEN and promote awareness campaign
     in wildlife trade.
3. Implement scientific systems of
   estimating and monitoring tigers and
Activity: Expand long term tiger population monitoring program into core
      tiger breeding areas.
How should NASP be prepared.

• Invite technical team for national

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