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					                 "Restore Startup Programs"
After you upgrade your computer from either Microsoft Windows 95 or Microsoft
Windows 98 to Windows XP, and then you log on to the computer for the first time,
Setup disables all of the program files (all .lnk and .exe files) by removing them from the
Startup folder and the Run key in the registry, except for the "known good programs",
which are not removed.

The Restore Startup Programs option is located on the Startup tab in the System
Configuration Utility.

This option is available only when one or both of the following conditions occurs:

- One or more values are identified and moved to the DisabledRunKeys registry key
from the Run key (in the registry).

- One or more programs are identified and moved from the Startup folder to the two
disabled Startup folders.

When this option is available, if you select it, the "Startup Programs Removed During
Setup" window opens and displays a list of all of the disabled programs, which includes
their return locations (when they are enabled). This option enables you to restore one or
all of the files that are listed as disabled. If you enable all of the programs that are listed,
the next time that you start the System Configuration Utility all of the items are
transferred to the Startup tab, and the Restore Startup Programs option is unavailable.

The values that are removed from the Run key are transferred to the following
registry key:


Each value that is under this key corresponds to a run item (program) that had
been disabled by Setup. The format for the values is the same as the original
values in the following registry key:


When you restore these values by using the Restore Startup Programs option, they are
moved from the registry value in DisabledRunKeys back to the Run key.

The startup programs are moved to one of the following hidden folders:

- <Systemdrive>\Documents and Settings\User\Start Menu\Programs\Disabled Startup
- <Systemdrive>\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Disabled

These folders correspond to programs that have been disabled from the "User" and "All
User" Startup folders. When you restore these programs by using the Restore Startup
Programs option, they are restored to the corresponding Startup folder.