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									                SHARKTECH INTERNET SERVICES
                            SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR

SharkTECH Internet Services established in August 2003 as an internet services provider.
SharkTECH is an Internet security hosting provider specializing in Denial of Service
mitigation and systems security. SharkTECH datacenter is located in Chicago, IL
however we are looking for a remote employee to work from the comfort of their own

We are looking for a self-starter, motivated and committed individual that can handle and
perhaps enjoy the kind of pressure this business can throw at you. The candidate must be
able to work with minimal supervision and be a dedicated honest employee. Must be
creative and not afraid to challenge and take initiative. Must be able to work with
international customers and be friendly. Must be able to work long-hours dedicated and
dedicate him self to the company when needed.

    Fluent in English
    24/7 online connectivity (DSL or Cable Modem minimum)
    Comfortable work environment
    Stable personal computer
    No physical location requirement

   Basic Windows 2003 Server experience
   Basic Networking TCP/IP, VLAN, and Routing Experience
   Intensive Linux/BSD experience (Especially FreeBSD)
   Intensive bash/c scripting experience
   PHP/MySQL experience preferred
   Web Panel experience: cPanel, Plesk, and DirectAdmin

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