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					                               AS YOU WISH FARM
                                       Current news
Wish Notes
    The Farm is blossoming and blooming! Spring Session has been moving
along very well…and very quickly!!! We are happy to welcome the following new riders
to the As You Wish Farm family: Bonnie Cartieri and Lisa Puoci. We are also glad to
have Hannah Clatworthy and Kristen Lehman back in the lesson program!!!
       We are so pleased to have our stadium jump ring set up. Our riders have really
been enjoying it this Spring!!! Huge thanks to Reggie Rogers for building the new
cross country jumps, and to the Krause family for donating the funds to make it
       I would like to thank all of the As You Wish families for their support during my
injury, surgery, and rehabilitation. Everyone pitched in and kept the farm and lessons
running….thank you so much!!! Special thanks to Mary Beth Canaday and Kim Nuzzaci.
Kim organized the help list, and together she and Mary Beth have taken over the
morning duties at the farm during the week.
       I’m happy to report that Dante had surgery on April 30 and it was successful!!!
He is still stall bound, but will be able to be turned out and put back on a full riding
schedule in a couple of weeks!! Penny is also recuperating following surgery to attempt
to remove a polyp from her nasal cavity. Unfortunately the doctors were not able to
remove it. It is not life threatening but affects her breathing. She will return to her
pasture soon. Thanks to all of you for keeping them in your thoughts and prayers!!!

With thanks,

Summer Lessons “As You Wish”—PLEASE READ CAREFULLY
      The Summer lesson schedule will begin on Tuesday, July 6. We will be offering
Summer lessons on Tuesdays beginning at 1:00 pm, and on Wednesdays and Thursdays
beginning at 9:00 am. There will be six weeks of lessons on the summer schedule. The
weeks/dates are as follows:
                                       July 6, 7, and 8
                                     July 27, 28, and 29
                                      August 3, 4, and 5
                                    August 9, 10, and 12
                                    August 17, 18, and 19
                                   August 24, 25, and 26
 *Please note that the week of August 9 lessons will be held on Monday instead of Wednesday*
      Summer lessons are booked “as you wish” for your convenience. You are
required to pay for a minimum of eight lessons during the Summer Session. You may
choose to take more than eight lessons if you wish. We are offering two types of
lessons: Half Hour Private or One Hour Group. If you are interested in group lessons,
please contact me and I will help you organize your group. You may mix and match
group and private lessons as you wish to form a total of eight lessons. Fees for
lessons are as follows:
                       Half Hour Private         $35.00 per lesson
                       One Hour Group            $45.00 per lesson
       Students riding in a group lesson are required to be at the farm 30 minutes
before and after each lesson in order to groom, tack, and clean up.
You may pay for all eight lessons up front in July, or divide your payment into two
installments: one due the week of July 6 and one due the week of August 3. Once you
have chosen the lesson package you wish to do, a monthly pay rate will be sent to you
via email.
       I will be handling the registrations for Summer Session. Lesson requests will
begin being accepted today via my email Lessons will be filled
on a first come, first served basis.

2010 Show Season Information
       Show season is off to a great start!!! We have attended two shows at Bridge
Acres Stable and a cross country schooling at Olde Hope Farm. I am so proud of all of
our riders and their families!!! Team As You Wish is doing great!!!
                      2010 As You Wish Show Team Members
                      Riley Slowik                  Caitlin Krause
                      Reagan Rogers                 Lena Muldoon
                      Reese Canaday                 Samantha Krause
                     Samantha Nuzzaci               Gabby DeVito
                     Caren Meckelnberg              Kelly Harper

      Below are the remaining dates for our season. I would encourage anyone
interested in seeing what shows are like to come and watch our wonderful team!!!
                          Bridge Acres Show Series Dates
            Show Dates                                       Sign Up Deadline
             June 12                                                May 22
             July 10—double points                                  June 19
             August 21                                              July 31
             September 18                                           August 28
             October 16                                             September 25
             November 6                                             October 16

                          Olde Hope Farm Eventing Shows
                         ~~deadlines determined on entry form~~
                                         May 30
                                         June 11
                                       August 13
                               September 5—CC jumping only
                                       October 3
Goals for Riding Program
       The Goals for Riding Program is progressing well. Our riders are working in
their lessons to achieve common goals set up between rider, parent, and trainer. In an
effort to maintain continuity, As You Wish Farm will be maintaining a consistent year
round lesson schedule. (The lesson slot that you left in the spring will be yours when
we resume in the fall.) This will keep riders on their goals track and help families to
maintain a routine schedule. Your lesson time will remain the same year round, unless
it needs to be changed to accommodate seasonal riding times or family circumstances.
As always, we will be flexible in meeting your needs. *Please note, if your rider
takes a break during Fall, Winter, Spring, contact Sue for a new lesson time
when you are ready to start again.*
       The Goals for Riding letter for Summer Session will be sent to you in June.
Please fill it out and bring it to your first lesson.

As You Wish Summer Picnic
      We’re really looking forward to the As You Wish picnic on Saturday, June 19
from 11:00 am-4:30 pm. Please RSVP to Sue DeVito by May 30 if you plan to attend.

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