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					 Triple Convergence…
And the Great Sorting Out
               Triple Convergence

Convergence 1
   Hardware and Software coming together
      Southwest Airlines boarding passes printed on
      Konica multi-task printer.
What examples of Convergence 1 do you
   Work Life?
   Home Life?
   Both?
                 Triple Convergence

 Convergence II
     Horizontal and Vertical Convergence
        Technology converged with business practice and
        skills. Each reinforced each other.


  How does this top down to more horizontal convergence
apply to education? Does it apply to education?
                     Triple Convergence
Convergence III
   New Players, New Playing Field = Developing New Processes
    for Horizontal Collaboration.
       1.5 Billion people came into the Global workforce
            = to the entire U.S. Workforce
            More than ½ Indian population under the age of 25. How does that
             affect the convergence?
   Do you think Americans are still innovators?
   What about American Universities?
       Competition from countries developing their own leading institutions.
            University in China
            American Schools being moved to other countries.
                 Campuses in India.
   Is there any change in American Society in the past that you
    can compare to the Triple Convergence?
          The Great Sorting Out

Transition from:

                   Command and Control System
                   Value Creation Model


                   Connect and Collaborate
           The Great Sorting Out

Issues needing Sorting:
 India vs Indiana- Who’s exploiting Whom?
 Where do companies stop and start?
 Command/Control vs. Colaborate/Connect.
 Multiple Identity Disorder.
 Who owns what?
 Death of a Salesman.
               The Great Sorting Out

India vs Indiana- Who’s exploiting Whom?
  Who needs to benefit from collaboration?
     Taxpayers?
     US Workers?
     Indian Engineers?
 Who do you think was the “winner” in this
     Was anyone?
     Who lost?
                The Great Sorting Out

Where do companies stop and start?
     Is it a US company? What do you think?
     What about McDonald’s?
        Australian kids thought that KFC was an Australian company.
 What other companies do you know of that
 are more “global” than nation-centric?
                      The Great Sorting Out

Command/Control vs. Collaborate/Connect
  “Big guys” do “little guy” things.
      Colin Powell doing his own research sending his own correspondence
       to connect with other officials around the world.
      Allows them to expect action from workers instead of research.
      Does this apply to anything in education? Administrators, etc.?
      “Little guy to Big Guy”
          Patients go to doctors prepared with information about their ailments.
               Action sooner?
               Doctors and patients can collaborate more. Patients understand their
                disease more? Benefits, drawbacks.
      What other collaborations can you think of?
               The Great Sorting Out

Multiple Identity Disorder
 Consumers
 Employees

 Citizens

 Taxpayers

 Shareholders

WalMart vs. Costco approach
   With your identities which do you prefer?
   Cheap or Safe?
                    The Great Sorting Out

Who owns what?
 Global Governance
     Governments keeping up with legal, illegal forms of
         Do you think there are going to be “new” international laws for
         keeping things in line?
              New ruling “world” bodies make up these laws?
                   Are there any now?

  Personal Property
     How many of you have your electronic data/property listed in
      your wills?
     Should Yahoo, etc. have the right to keep this from families?
                 The Great Sorting Out

Death of a Salesman
  Human Contact
     Disappearing?
     Where have you lost human contact that you used to have?
  Business and Life
     Human connection> Being smart
     Is this still true?
  Trimming and Saving the “fat”.
     Where do you see the absence of human contact a
      benefit/loss in your life?
    Convergence and The Great Sorting Out

More thoughts and ideas?
 Do you think the world is converging faster
 than we can get these things sorted out?
 Anything else?
    Convergence and The Great Sorting Out

One Final thought…….
 Since the world is flatter, will the people on it
 purchase fewer hiking boots?

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