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					7 th Grade                                                                   E-Mail: Lcampbell@readingschools.org

Ms. Campbell                                                                 Phone: 842-5150
                                                                             Room: 112 (High School), 100 (Central) Class

 7th grade art will focus on the elements of design. They are Line, Color, Shape, Space, Texture, Value and
 Form. These 7 ideas will be defined, studied and used in a major project.

 Daily Expectations:
  Use your class time wisely and work on the project at hand.

  Be respectful of materials and supplies

  Be on time and ready to go, starting with the bell ringers

 Other expectations:
  DO NOT throw away artwork. If I find it in any trash can in/around the building your grade will be
 changed to a zero.


 I will supply you with one pencil and eraser. If you loose these it is your responsibility to bring another
 pencil to class with you EVERYDAY.

 Hallway Passes
 Each quarter you will be given 3 passes to leave the classroom. You have time in between classes so plan
 on using that time to use the restroom or go to your locker. Use your 3 passes wisely! You MUST give
 me a pass before you can leave the classroom. Any unused passes will be 2 points extra credit each!

Your grade will come from the following:

Ms. Campbell                                                                                                                1
      o    Doing what is assigned and meeting objectives
      o    Your finished piece of artwork
      o    Originality of your work
      o    Being neat and careful
      o    Using class time wisely
      o    Going above and beyond the project assigned (creativity)

Major Projects: 100 points each

Skill Builders: 25 points

Participation: (Roughly ¼ of each major project)

Bell Ringers: (3 points per day/if you are absent and miss one, you will need to make it up)

Extra Credit/Donations
         Newspapers- 2 points per paper

         Magazine- 1 point per magazine

         Pop Cans- 5 points per 12 cans

         Plastic containers/egg cartons- 1 point each

PBS Book
      My class follows all the rules of the Middle School. You must bring your PBS book to class everyday
and have it open, ready to go.

Art Lab
      If you do not complete an assignment (or need to make up Bell ringers) there will be an Art Lab every
WEDNESDAY from 2:15- 3:00 (longer if you need). This is the time you can come in and work with me to
complete anything necessary. If this day and time does not work, ask and we’ll arrange something else!

Ms. Campbell                                                                                                  2

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