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									MMA Gloves - The Best Four Brands
MMA gloves or mixed martial arts gloves are specialized gloves for mixed martial arts fighting. The
best four brands of MMA gloves are:
Hayabusa is increasingly becoming popular as the choice for all-round fighting and training. The new
Y volar palm design in their pro gloves gives the best fit and flexibility. The strapping system is dual
cross-directional. This helps in giving the maximum support to the wrist when striking. Padding of the
gloves gives wrist and the top-of-hand protection but is not bulky. It allows for a flexible touch for
gripping and holding during competitions.
Fairtex have regularly been used in training as well as competition. Their sparring gloves are very
famous coming as they are with oversized knuckle padding with pre-curved foam for the last word in
security and comfort. This gives the wearer total hand and wrist protection even during full-contact
For a spirited challenge, the competition gloves of leather with open-palm design and full flexibility are
outstanding. Fairtex stands for durability and quality and is a known name in the MMA gloves
Though a relative newcomer in the MMA gloves brands, Truth Fightwear have already become
extremely popular as competition and training gloves. The knuckles have soft piping around it and an
open-thumb design cuts down the chafing and irritation to large extent while the large Velcro wrist
straps give added security and hold.
The open-palm design helps in minimizing sweating which in turn results in a better grip for grappling.
The knuckle padding too has its length extended which gives additional protection. This brand gives
good quality at affordable rates.
The evergreen Everlast brand offers MMA gloves of the highest quality. Open-palm design, tight
stitching on fingers, proper padding, and secure wrist strap are some of the features of these gloves.

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