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									_________________________________________________________________________ __________ COMPANY NAME : ACCENTURE -----------------------------------------------------------DATE OF TEST : 2003 -----------------------------------------------------------PLACE OF TEST: -----------------------------------------------------------MODE : Off-Campus -----------------------------------------------------------DURATION : _________________________________________________________________________ __________ -----Original Message----From: vijay nag Sent: Monday, November 24, 2003 8:52 AM To: Subject: [CHETANA] (info)Some more tips for accenture hello guys, The test consisted of four rounds: Ist round: Written test:prepare well in anlytical(venn diagrams,CAT format), aptitude(completely mathematical-time& work, basically it is suffecient to read R S Agarwal) grammar aspects in english.(synonyms,sentence completion,paragraph) IInd round: GD-some topic is given and the discussion should take place for 8 minutes IIIrd round: HR interview-regarding academic background,strengths and weaknesses,Overview of projects, related to personal and academic background was asked. IV th round: Technical interview-I was asked about software engineering and all the projects in detail.Some were asked about database also.(like constraints,relational database)

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