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									Mid-Year Seminar
Presented By: Mrs. Carmelita S. Royo
School Vision

    A literate community with academic
excellence and vocational efficiency,
attaining a good quality of life, morally
upright and spiritually enlightened.
School Mission

   A determined effort to fight illiteracy
through quality education, updated
technological know-how and creativity,
inculcate moral values and patriotism and
inspire discipline and human dignity.
School Philosophy

    An institution that answers the needs
of the youth towards acquisition of
knowledge to become productive today
and find significant opportunities in the
Goals & Objectives

    1. To provide academic securities to
the youth, equipped them with knowledge
relevant to the needs of the modern
Goals & Objectives

    2. To create a pleasant environment
where everybody is engaged in
cooperative learning process, well-
facilitated by knowledgeable and efficient
Goals & Objectives

    3. To foster among students being
righteous and live with a purpose through
good values formation and character
Goals & Objectives

   4. To embellish among students
patriotism,    God-fearing       tendencies,
respect to the rights of others.
 Goals & Objectives

5. To render services to the community
  when needed.

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