Second Semester Photo Assignments by xiagong0815


									                                      Second Semester Photo Assignments & Grading
                                          Weekly Photo & Critique Assignments

      You are responsible and given a grade both for a weekly photo assignment in the category theme as listed below and also
   responsible for giving a comment, feedback, specific constructive criticism, and /or critique for at least one of another student's
   photos in the weekly assigned theme. So, when the photo assignment is Texture, you also need to make a comment on another
  student's Texture photo in addition to submitting your Texture photo. You will earn two separate grades that week, one for your
           submitted photo and one for your specific constructive comment on another student's photo in the same theme.

Although you are welcome to leave more than one comment at any time in any photo theme, the critique assignment is the only area
that will be viewed for credit and the credit will end one week after the due date of the photo assignment. You have one week after
                   the photo assignment to make comments on other student's photos for the current assignment.

Please note that the assignments will not be graded until a week after the date due and therefore, although shown on Zangle, will not
 affect your current grade until after the week following the due date. You can click on the assignment on Zangle to see if has been
                                                           graded yet or not.

Week                                Photo Assignment Theme                              Critique Assignment
                                                                                   Comment on Submitted Photos
                                                                                        in the following category
01/17 - 01/21/2011
01/24 - 01/28/2011                  Portrait
01/31 - 02/04/2011                  Element of Art (Extra Credit)
02/07 - 02/11/2011                  Line                                                    Portrait
02/14 - 02/18/2011                  Texture                                                 Line

02/21 - 02/25/2011                  off from school - HOLIDAY WEEK

02/28 - 03/04/2011                  Shape                                                   Texture
03/07 - 03/11/2011                  Value                                                   Shape
03/14 - 03/18/2011                  Form                                                    Value
03/21 - 03/25/2011                  Space                                                   Form

03/25/2011                          Favorite Photo Print Submitted for Open House Display

03/28 - 04/01/2011                  Color                                                   Space
04/04 - 04/08/2011                  Balance                                                 Color
04/11 - 04/15/2011                  Rhythm & Repetition                                     Balance

04/18 - 04/22/2011                  off from school - HOLIDAY WEEK

04/25 - 04/29/2011                  Pattern                                                 Rhythm & Repetition
05/02 - 05/06/2011                  Emphasis & Contrast                                     Pattern
05/09 - 05/13/2011                  Unity & Variety                                         Emphasis & Contrast
05/16 - 05/20/2011                  Movement                                                Unity & Variety
05/23 - 05/27/2011                  Proportion                                              Movement
05/30 - 06/03/2011                                                                          Proportion

06/09/2011                          Graduation - Congratulations to Seniors Class of 2011!!!

06/06 - 06/10/2011                  Last Week of School

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