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									Tips for Selecting the Best Android Tablet for your Family

Lets start with a few basic questions: are you looking for an android tablet for you or for a family or
group of people? If you are looking for a tablet for only your own personal use then you might have a
better idea of what your looking for in a tablet. If not, you should consider getting a good overall tablet
or one that meets the needs of your other family members as well as you. The Meat of Selecting the
Best Android TabletAlright, now that you understand what you need in a tablet, lets look at some
figures. First, its important to select a hard drive that will supply a sufficient amount of space for storing
information on the tablet. Most tablets on the market right now allow you to select from 3 different
hard drive sizes: 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB. If you are someone who is going to store a ton of music,
video, or information on your tablet, remember that it is better to be safe than sorry when selecting
your hard drive size. Hard drives are not that expensive and this is a very basic upgrade that can
drastically change the amount of enjoyability you get from your android tablet.

Other than the hard drive size, the best android tablet for you should have the available accessories that
you wish your tablet to have. For example, are there external keyboards, cases, speakers, etc. for your
tablet that you know you will be interested in purchasing to enhance your android tablet experience.
What OS (operating system) are your possible tablet choices running? This will prove to be very crucial
to possible overall experience, particularly, if you choose a tablet that is running on a very old version of
android (< 2.0) as these tablets will not offer as much diversity. The newest and best versions of
android OS available are 3.0+ (also called honeycomb).

Keep in mind that these are just a few tips and ideas for selecting your tablet, and a more elaborate
review can be found on our website. Ok, What Would you Recommend?I don't expect you to look at the
hundreds of tablets on the market at narrow your choices down very quickly. Fortunately, I've listed a
few of the tablets on the market that are currently considered the best android tablet for at least one
reason or another.

In no particular order here is our list of the best android tablets:

1. Asus Transformer Prime

2. Samsung Galaxy

3. Acer Iconia Tab

4. Motorola Xoom

5. Toshiba ThriveFirst, if you're looking for a smaller and more portable tablet,

 i highly recommend taking a closer look at the Samsung Galaxy 7.0 tablet as it is the only 7" tablet in
this list and is by far the lightest (only 0.67 lbs). On the other hand, the Asus Transformer Prime offers
the most potential power with a quad-core processor that allows for seamless processing even for heavy
multi-tasking. Furthermore, the Asus Transformer Prime is ICS upgradeable (very newest OS). However,
the tablet that has been on the market the longest (a lot of reviews and you could consider it the most
trustworthy) is the Motorola Xoom. A Note of Caution When Selecting Your Android TabletDo not let
price be your major decision factor! Especially, if you are looking for the cheapest product because in
many cases, tablets included, price can correlate with quality. While this is not always true, we find that
"quality" tablets worthy of the best android tablet title typically fall somewhere between $300-$500 or
more.</ 2.0)>

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