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					                                      PRF Update

                                         Pamela A. Webb
                                    Associate Vice President for
                                     Research Administration
                                          August 20, 2009

Sponsored Projects Administration
        PDF Version of PRF Re-formatted
  • PDF version now shorter and easier to read
  • Key data elements appear on first page
  • Data elements have been added or refined to enhance
    departmental and college review
        –   Time the proposal is due (if not 5 p.m. central)
        –   F&A rate and base, F&A waiver information
        –   Improved information on ICR sharing arrangements
        –   Administering department /DeptID
        –   Quick-scan view of personnel and their effort/roles
        –   For existing projects, agency award # and key EFS info
        –   Ability to include cost-sharing/matching chart-strings (optional)
        –   Enhanced ability to view signatories and signature status
        –   Notes/ instructions print on the PDF version of the PRF

Sponsored Projects Administration
           New or Improved Functionality
   •    Improved look-up capabilities for names/units
   •    Better award setup guidance to SPA
   •    Ability to update limited data elements mid-route (DeptID)
   •    Improved email notifications
         – Elimination of multiple notifications for Co-Pis       See
   • Improved data validations
         – If effort is cost-shared, a chart string or general commitment is
   • Improved “Help” text
   • Updated references to other systems & offices (e.g, TASCS)
   • Bug fixes (e.g, jump to top of PRF when starting review)

Sponsored Projects Administration
       CRAD Review is requested …
            Special areas you may wish to review:
                  •   Sections 8/9: PI and Investigator Information
                  •   Section 12: Budget and F&A information
                  •   Section 18: ICR Sharing
                  •   Section 19: Matching and Cost-Sharing
                  •   Signature section

           Please send comments by 9/7/09 via email to:
  or contact Pamela Webb

Sponsored Projects Administration
                                    Next Steps
      • Validate updated PRF with constituencies (PRF
            –   CRAD, SRC, and faculty via RNO
            –   GMUN and GMUNAC
            –   SPA and other OVPR staff
            –   Other central units who receive or use PRF data (International Programs,
                Institutional Compliance, HSPP, OAW, ESCRO, etc.)

      •    Write Help Text (PRF Workgroup)
      •    Program new PRF (OIT)
      •    Update Proposal Interface to EFS (OIT, OVPR-IT, SPA)
      •    Test, test, test, test (OIT, OVPR-IT, PRF-Workgroup)
      •    Create training program (SPA)
      •    Rollout (estimated late fall/winter 2009)

Sponsored Projects Administration
       With MANY thanks to the PRF
             Working Group!!
      •    Karen Hawkinson, Grants Coordinator, Genetics, Cell Biology and
      •    Sallie Quammen, Grant Coordinator, College of Education and Human
      •    Bridget Foss, Senior Grants Administrator, SPA
      •    Frances Spalding, Training Coordinator, SPA
      •    Rodney Chaffee, InfoTech Professional, Information Technology and
           Research Support Systems
      •    Brittany Lloyd, InfoTech Manager, OIT
      •    Julie Pingue, Systems Analyst, OIT
      •    Emily Talley, InfoTech Professional, Information Technology and
           Research Support Systems
      •    Pamela Webb, Associate Vice President, SPA (Chair)

Sponsored Projects Administration

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