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									For Immediate Release
September 28, 2011

104 Quilt Artists Interpret the Theme “Power Suits”
Alexandria, Virginia, September 28, 2011 - On October 22, 2011, over 100 art quilts based on
the theme “Power Suits” will debut at Artistic Artifacts in Alexandria, VA.

When a local tailor contacted Cyndi Souder to offer her his outdated fabric swatches, a quilt
challenge was born. Teaming with friend and associate Judy Gula (owner, Artistic Artifacts),
Souder developed a theme, packaged swatches, and offered them for free to interested quilters.
Distributing challenge packets at quilt shows, lectures, and online through their blogs and
websites, Souder and Gula invited quilters to express their take on Power Suits through their
artwork. The resulting quilts address such diverse topics as politics, family, worklife, playing
cards, and super heroes.

Says Souder, “These are not your grandmother’s quilts. These 18” square quilts address a wide
array of topics and work on a variety of levels. The theme seemed to have universal appeal and
our quilters had a lot to say. We were wowed each time we opened another package.”

Challenges are common throughout the quilting world. They generally start with a theme or a set
of materials and then quilters are invited to participate. Often there is a deadline and the
challenge quilts are shown together at a group meeting or a quilt show.

Challenge participants were given packets of fabric swatches, a few simple rules, and this as
        What does “Power Suit” mean to you? Does it conjure images of smoke-filled rooms
        where important deals are made? Is a Power Suit a garment or a person? Do you plug in a
        Power Suit? What if a Power Suit gave you Super Powers? Using Power Suit as your
        inspiration, create an art quilt that expresses your point of view.

The list of participating quilt artists in the Power Suits Art Quilt Challenge ranges from
nationally known names to quilters just starting out, resulting in a variety of techniques and
perspectives. The exhibit includes 107 art quilts made by 105 quilt artists from the United States
and Canada. According to the Quilting in America 2010 survey, there are over 21 million quilters
in the United States.

The Power Suits Art Quilt Challenge will be on exhibit at Artistic Artifacts the weekend of
October 22-23, 2011. Saturday hours are 4-8pm, including an artist’s reception. Sunday hours
are noon-5pm. Admission is free. www.PowerSuitQuilts.com

Cyndi Souder                                                Judy Gula
Moonlighting Quilts                                         Artistic Artifacts
4407 Ossian Hall Lane                                       4750 Eisenhower Avenue
Annandale, VA 22003                                         Alexandria, VA 22304
(703) 407-0916                                              (703) 823-0202, ext. 213
Cyndi@MoonlightingQuilts.com                                Judy@ArtisticArtifacts.com
www.MoonlightingQuilts.com                                  www.ArtisticArtifacts.com

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