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                 Getting you there…
                                         Let’s go ONLINE!

Go Goal                                  World Wide Web has grown tremendously since its
                                         commercialization in 1998. With it, several dot com
                                         companies emerged and new range of business models were
Set, Get, Go…                            conceived to enable better connectivity and exchange of
                                         information. Today, the situation is such that if you own a
To visit this blog Click here.           company and you do not have a website, you are not trendy
                                         but obsolete in your approach.
iPOTT being an end to end
provider of innovative and cost          Moreover having just a website is not adequate as new ways
effective services in the areas of       of internet marketing and ecommerce has evolved. What one
knowledge management, sales              must realize is that there are not just sellers out there but a
enablement and consulting offers         large number of buyers as well.
a unique and unbiased platform
for software product companies           Product selling may be targeted at companies and individuals.
worldwide to reach their target          Internet is one place where the product can be perceived in a
markets                                  highly neutral and unbiased manner. However market
                                         segmentation of internet users is a difficult thing to achieve as
                                         “World is flat on internet” and it is not just one locality you are
                  addressing but different nations. There is active research
                 going on to understand customer behavior and buying trends,
                                         but there are always new entrants who could pose challenges.

                                         Moreover the search for products will be based on a few
                                         ‘search strings’ and not merely based on company or brand
                                         names. Looking at it in a positive way, competing with brand
                                         names will comparatively reduce depending on the product
                                         offerings. Perhaps, presenting the product with right mix of
                                         features and benefits will help initially in reaching out to
                                         buyer’s expectations.

                                         Now that the product is ready, the website is ready and the
                                         pitch on product is ready, it is critical to find places on web
                                         where buyer activities are more. Studies indicate that Social

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                 Getting you there…
                                         media is an effective tool for this. It involves using blogs,
                                         podcasts, videos, social networks and even wikis. By
                                         participating in these activities awareness about products and
Go Goal                                  company could be spread. Therefore, having interactions on
                                         other websites add to visibility of a product on internet.
Set, Get, Go…
                                         Tapping potential customers once they start adding to that
To visit this blog Click here.           extra traffic on the website is even more critical. Even an
                                         image turns out to be critical sometimes as wrong image could
We have blogs targeting a range of       send wrong message to the first time visitor who could have
audience starting from potential         been a potential client. Ambience and material presented on
product innovators to CEOs               web pages matter. It is reflective of professionalism and
                                         creativity incorporated in developing the product.
Audience interested in knowing
about Marketing Strategy, Indian         The overall message is that Internet has shrunk the world, and
IT trends and Best Practices to be       going online is like ‘stepping into a world of opportunities’. It
adopted while kick-starting              is upto the product company to realize this advantage and
company can utilize the                  exploit it by developing effective means to attract customers.
information provided in these

Technology Trends

CEO Speak


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