Revamped SSL Reseller Program for VeriSign_ GeoTrust_ Thawte by xiagong0815


									Revamped SSL Reseller Program for VeriSign,
GeoTrust, Thawte, RapidSSL
Press Release includes information about the improved SSL reseller program and its new
white branded solution.

St. Petersburg, Dec 22, 2011 -- St. Petersburg, FL, US–The SSL Store is a proven
platinum partner of the major globally trusted SSL brands like VeriSign, GeoTrust,
Thawte, and RapidSSL. Not only are our prices the lowest in the industry, we have
been hard at work revamping the back-end and adding new features and benefits to
the SSL reseller program. Web hosting, Web design and Web application
development service providers can now benefit on a more global scale with the
addition of the White Branded Solution and our new hosting & billing automation
plug-ins. The SSL Store reseller program can easily add a tremendous amount of
value to anyone's secure socket layers (SSL) certificate offering, whether you
currently offer or are planning to add SSL to your product breadth.

Bill Grueninger, the Director of Global Channel Development has stated that; "The
new plugins and private labeled sites will create many opportunities that never
existed before. It will add some needed buzz in the realm of many domain sellers,
Web hosting providers, and related affiliates.

VeriSign SSL Reseller, GeoTrust SSL Reseller, Thawte SSL Reseller, RapidSSL

We are fully dedicated to the SSL industry and highly focused on the success of our
SSL resellers. There are endless opportunities to sell SSL through our platform or
with our any of our systems. You can utilize our free managed Application
Programming Interface (API) system complete with a fully featured customized
control panel to manage your customers' SSL certificates or you can give our new
White Branded Solution a shot. This allows you to have your own fully hosted SSL
website with your very own logo on it.

Many more reasons to sign-up right now for this SSL reseller program!

•Zero Step Fees. Free reseller accounts with No sign-up fees.

•Quick Activation. Instant Sign up approvals and Activation to start selling within 24

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•Easy.No contracts, No commitments, No obligation.

•Deep Discounts. Discounted pricescompared to the Recommended Retail Price

•Get an SSL Site.White Branding Solution for your own brand. NEW!

•Extensive Inventory. All the major brands under one roof. Control your pricing.

•24/7 Support. 24/7 Live platinum level support via Chat, Email, and Phone – No
matter where you are.

•Robust Control Panel.Extensive and fully customized reseller control panel.

•Free, Full Access API. API available to sell direct for your own online business

•Marketing Tools. Proven brand, marketing, and sales tools.

•Broad Selection of Products.Product series includes DV, OV, EV, MD, WildCard
SSL, SAN SSL, SGC SSL, Code Signing Certificates and Trust Seals.

•Simple, Safe & Secure Payments.Easy Payments Options via Credit Card, PayPal or
Bank Wire

•Access to Valuable Resources. FREE Access to the SSL Profit Portal™,
knowledgebase, educational tools & resources.

•Dedicated Account Manager.Your very own live person to help you succeed with

Multiple SSL Partner Program platforms to become SSL reseller of major SSL
brands, now!

The SSL Store offers a free reseller account with no sign-up fees. We provide a broad
range of SSL certificates and pricing levels fit for any size business. As an SSL
reseller you can decide which pricing level is right for your business, choose from the
following slabs:

Partner Program Levels:

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                                   1. Starter

                                   2. Bronze

                                   3. Silver (Start here for FREE, Limited time only)

                                   4. Gold

                                   5. Platinum

                                   6. Titanium

                                   Don't wait just sign up now and start turning SSL into profit.

                                   Don't forget to create your own white branded SSL website with your own logo-we'll
                                   manage your SSL certificates and provide you customer support! All you need to do
                                   is market your SSL certificates in your local market and collect the money, it's that

                          is the largest SSL certificates provider and is the platinum
                                   partner company of the major SSL brands. The SSL store provides comprehensive
                                   ecommerce/web store security solutions, Web security solutions, Internet Security
                                   expertise, and Security Solutions. Get your very own SSL from the fore most SSL
                                   brands such as Rapid SSL Certificates, GeoTrust SSL Certificates, VeriSign SSL
                                   Certificates, and Thawte SSL Certificates. Secure your online business with The SSL
                                   store now!

                                   Contact Information:
                                   Name: Bill Grueninger
                                   Company: The SSL Store
                                   Telephone: 727-820-1164

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