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									          Stakeholder’s Meeting
              Porvorim, Goa
              5th April 2008

                Dwijen Rangnekar
Research Councils UK Academic Fellow and Asst. Professor in Law
   Project title: Localising economic control
    through clubs: Examining the intellectual
    property protection of Feni

   Funding Agency: Economic and Social
    Research Council (of UK govt.)

   Project location: Warwick University, UK
Research Advisory Group
Fr. Romuald D'SOUZA                  Octavio ESPINOSA                      Jorge Larson
Founder Director, Goa Institute of   Director, Legislative and Legal       GUERRA
Management,                          Advice Division, World Intellectual   Comisión Nacional Para el
                                     Property Organisation                 Conocimiento y Uso de la
                                                                           Biodiversidad (Conabio).
T.C. JAMES                           S.K. SOAM                             David Vivas-EUGUI
Director, Department of Industrial, Senior Scientist, of Agricultural      Deputy Programme Director,
Policy and Promotion, Government of Research Management, Hyderabad         International Centre for Trade and
India                                                                      Sustainable Development
                                     Sarah J. WHATMORE
                                     Professor of Environment and Public
                                     Policy, Oxford Centre for the
                                     Environment, Oxford Uni
Principal Investigator               Research Assistant                    Local Research Team
Dwijen RANGNEKAR                     VC NAMBALA                            Pranab
Warwick University                   Warwick University                    MUKHOPADHYAY
                                                                           Santosh MAURYA
                                                                           Suryabhan MOURYA
   Research Methods
    Baseline survey
    Focus groups
    Stakeholder meeting
    Archival research
    Legal research; case law
    Economic analysis
Geographical Indications as Clubs ~ defined
  by the shared production method

   Raw                Production and/or
  Materials               Processing             Final
                            Stage(s)            Product
    Land              Distilling, blending       Stage
 Animal breed        Curing, pasteurisation
     Feed                and ripening          Labels of
    Plants                Harvesting          Authenticity
    Skills                Handicrafts

                Thus, potential to localise economic control

Area: defined in 1927 regulation, approx. 3% of
area under vine production in France, about
33,000 hectares in 319 villages around Reims

Grape varieties: only three varieties permitted

Production and processing rules: some 35 rules
on yields, pruning vines, growing and spacing
of vines, hand-harvesting, aging process, etc.

Quality control: through production and into
post-production stages; 2000 – 5% not certified

  13 Mar 08 – change in growing area, new areas
      included see property rents rise from
        €5,000/hectare to €1Mn/hectare
   Making the club
    Incentives to join ~ clubs have membership rules and allow
    Physical interdependence ~ stakeholders depend on the same
      resource for livelihood

   Matrix of competition
    Horizontal competition for market shares
    Vertical competition for share of rents

   Different motivations to ‘make the club’
    Inertia of stable transaction relations
    Inability to appropriate returns
    Size of operation
   Club-Making
    How do different firms and individuals cooperate to
     make a GI-club? What factors motivate firms and
     individuals to overcome problems and cooperate?

   Localising economic control
    How can the potential for GIs to localise economic
     control be maximised and are there other policy
     interventions that may help achieving these
   Final Report & Policy Brief
    Focussing on the problems in establishing GI specifications
      for Feni and how these specifications may promote localised
      economic control; thus, identifying complementary policies
      to achieve local economic control.
   Baseline Survey of the Feni Sector
    Involving 600+ questionnaires of stakeholders, identifying
      broad patterns throughout the supply chain for Feni of
      social and economic indicators.
   Scholarly articles
   Newspaper articles
   Fieldwork
    April-July 2007: interviews, focus group, baseline survey
    April-May 2008: interviews, stakeholder meeting
   RAG Meetings
    First: April 2008
    Second: January 2009 (tbc)
   Research Report
    Draft: Nov. 2008
    Final: Feb. 2009
   Project Dissemination Meetings
    Goa – March 2009 (tbc)
    Geneva – April 2009 (tbc)
   Project Website
   Contact details
    Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation
    University of Warwick
    Coventry CV4 7AL, UK
    Telephone Goa/Delhi : 9970939193/9891267714
    Telephone UK: +44 +24 7652 8906

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