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                                  Wedding Invitation
                                      Carmen Lomas Garza
                                 La Benedicion en el Dia de la Boda

style, color, line, shape, texture, perspective, narrative (story), mood (feeling), composition

1. What about the painting made you choose your artifact?
2. How does this artifact help to tell the story?
3. How does this show the culture?

 The painting La Benedicion en el Dia de la Boda is depicting a wedding scene in which a mother is
 giving her daughter a final blessing before she gets married. I chose to create a wedding invitation
   as my artifact because it further tells the narrative of a wedding and a celebration of marriage
    common in Hispanic culture. On my artifact I used names common in Hispanic culture. I used
language and wording that is seen a lot of wedding invitations from all cultures. On the back of the
    invitation I added a Spanish version of the wording so that friends and family of the bride and
 groom who speak fluent Spanish can read that side as well as the English version. This is a custom
             commonly used in bilingual cultures and adds to the perspective of the artist.

  The style of the painting influenced my creation of the wedding invitation in a number of ways.
     First, the color blue is a prominent color in the painting so I chose to use the color as the
background for my invitation. The color blue creates a _______________________ mood, which is
   the overall mood of the painting as well. I incorporated the stylistic element of texture that is
          evident in the painting in the bride’s veil, the fabrics and the dresses by adding a
 ________________ to my invitation. The ribbon also mirrors the artist’s uses of the repetition of
  shapes and patterns like the dresses, the curtains, the floor ,the wallpaper. The artist, Carmen
   Lomas Garza, also uses the element of line in her paintings as well. She uses lines that tend to
appear more curvy and thin. To mirror the artist’s use of curvy lines I chose to use a font that is also
  curvy and creates a __________________ look that is commonly used in wedding invitations.
                                  Works Cited Page

  I looked at wedding invitation examples on December 13 at the following website

I have attached a copy of the page I used for ideas for wording and Spanish versions of
                                  invitations as well.

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