Obtaining a BCI Check by JKqlzrL


									           Obtaining a Background Check (BCI - State of Ohio Background Checks)

There are many agencies in Ohio that provide background check services to the public. A list of those
agencies can be found at the Ohio Attorney General’s Website:


The list will allow the user to search for a location by zip code or county. Once the options are
displayed, the following questions can serve as a guide to choose a location to provide a background

How much do you charge for a BCI background check?

The range is $30 to $45. The price charged by the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation
(BCI&I) - WebCheck® is $22. (Each agency has leeway to determine how much they will mark the cost
up.) BCI&I does not provide background check services directly to the public; they have to be acquired
by a providing agency.

What methods of payment do you take?

Some agencies accept cash, checks and credit cards. Other agencies accept only one or varying
combinations of those methods. Note that some agencies that accept checks accept personal checks
and some only accept business checks. Several agencies are willing to establish an account and bill a
company or organization when they send someone for a background check.

Where will my background check be sent?

It is important to ensure that the agency will send the report to the requesting agency or church. The
person being background checked should come prepared with the requesting entities complete contact

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